The Abundant Benefits Of Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is a modern form of treatment that involves energy traveling through a copper magnetic field. Since the 1940, pemf has been studied and evaluated as a productive form of treatment for various ailments and conditions. There have been thousands of studies and clinical articles published on the various benefits and uses for this modern form of magnetic therapy. The overall objective of pulse electromagnetic field therapy is to provide organic healing and efficient functioning of human cells. This has been known to assist with disease prevention due to its ability to regenerate the body on a cellular level.

Autonomic Nervous System is one part of the human body that is affected by pemf therapy. This system is part of the brain’s nervous system and is responsible for much of the body’s functioning. The functions that ANS is responsible for includes breathing, digestion, heart rate, and all other vitals. For this reason, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can help achieve optimal vital statistics for humans; through it’s direct influence on the Autonomic Nervous System. This is important to note because diseases can spread quickly if your body is not functioning due to system impairments.

By harmonizing and adapting to your body, pulses electromagnetic field therapy puts the human body in a state where it can heal itself. When you partake in pemf, you will experience improved circulation, pain alleviation, speedy recovery, stronger immune system, decrease of inflammation, muscle relaxation, and better sleep; to name a few benefits. Meridian stress testing shows significant improvements to the body’s chakra system and reduction of stress responses when using this form of therapy. These combined benefits have also been shown to slow the aging process with consistent use of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

Years of studies reveal that pemf therapy is a productive form of treatment for those who have Parkinson’s Disease. The neuroprotective benefits of electromagnetic therapy makes it an optimal choice for dealing with symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. Since it is a progressive disorder that targets brain cells, the improvement of motor skills and brain function correlated with pemf alleviates multiple symptoms simultaneously. One of the reasons this form of treatment is so effective for those who have PD is because of the magnetic fields ability some deplete free radicals in the human body. Depression is another condition that can be positively influenced by pulsed electromagnetic therapy. This ailment also correlates with patients Who have Parkinson’s Disease; more than 40% of PD patients also suffer from depression.

Cerebral infarction, more commonly known as a stroke, happens when the human brain is hemorrhaged and/or cerebral brain cells are damaged. By utilizing pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, damaged cells and neurons can be stimulated and repaired. The neuroplasticity benefits that comes with this type of therapy significantly assists those partaking in stroke rehabilitation. Neuroplasticity is the nervous system’s response to intrinsic/extrinsic organisms and functioning. Magnetic therapy as a stroke rehabilitation treatment can help you regain memory, speech, and other cognitive functions affected by cerebral infarction. Low frequency therapy has been researched as the best spectrum range for stroke rehabilitation for electro therapy.

During 1989, German scientists established that 10 Hz pulsed electromagnetic therapy was a stable stimulation base for stroke patients. Most neurorehabilitation clinics provide their patients with speech and physical treatment. However the progress made in therapy is contingent on the condition of the stroke survivor. Pulsed electromagnetic treatments may also delay and prevent strokes from happening. The inflammation-reducing properties that correlate with pulsed treatment significantly lowers the chance of blockage caused by plaque. Healthy blood vessels and strengthened vascular system are main benefits to this type of therapy.

For sports personnel and other active individuals, electromagnetic therapy can help expedite recovery times from working out and sports-related injuries. The science supporting the use of pulse magnetic therapy in sports is in the brainwave patterns that it creates upon treatment. Recent studies from 2017 attributes magnetic stimulation with increased motor skills learning in sport-like activities. Pawluk MD states that increases of metabolic tissues established by low frequency electromagnetic therapy makes it a great choice for athletes in training. Dr. Paul Pawluk is a medical professional who is known internationally for his research on this form of treatment.

For decades, pemf treatment has been a top contender for sleep-aid treatments. By brainwave retraining, your body’s response system will initiate deeper sleeping states. Many people lose sleep due to stress and insomnia. Tests reveals that pemf therapy helps 90% of insomniacs with some level of sleep relief in just one month of usage. 75% of insomniacs experienced complete depletion of their symptoms while doing pulsed electromagnetic treatment. Restorative sleeping is a vital component to the body’s healing process and cellular replenishment. This form of therapy rejuvenates the neural network and promotes healthy sleeping patterns. It is recommended by professionals to use pemf 20-45 minutes prior to going to bed.

People who are health-conscious can also benefit from the detoxing abilities of pulsed electromagnetic therapy. Since mitochondria is stimulated by treatment, human cells become more efficient at transporting oxygen throughout the body. As a result of this, cell regulation is positively influenced and your body can remove toxins and free radicals. As technology continues to advance, electro pollution continues to increase. Electric fields created by computers, cell phone towers and other devices have proved to be harmful. Pemf, in addition to a healthy lifestyle, can effectively leave your body detoxed of waste foreign substances.

The pain alleviation and cell recovery presented by pulsed electro treatment makes it a prime option for individuals who experience issues with arthritis. Studies conducted over the last 20 years shows those who choose this type of treatment experience less joint pain and increased range of motion. When done consistently, pemf rapidly regenerates cartilage and bone cells. Since the repairing takes place on a neurological scale, this form of treatment has become a staple in many health clinics. The benefits of post electromagnetic therapy are abundant. Whether you’re an injured athlete or insomniac looking to increase sleep, pemf can help you reach your goals on a cellular level.


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