What to Wear for A Casual Party on A Saturday Night

Wear for A Casual Party

It is Saturday, and it’s time to put your best casual outfit on for that fun outing. But wait, you don’t have a clue on what to wear or what’s trending.

Coming up with an outfit can be a daunting task. Should you be wearing heels, can you mix and match specific colours? These are many questions you might be asking yourself, and having you stressed out. Luckily for you, our team at Hush Styles is here to help, and to shed some much-needed light.

There’s plenty to love about a party on a Saturday night, and an outfit shouldn’t stop you from having a great time.

Look no further following is a guide on what to wear for your next casual party.

What Exactly is Casual Dressing?

Casual dressing is all about comfort and style. When looking for an outfit, you want to strike the right balance of smartness and fit. You’re going to be walking all around the room and interacting with a lot of people the whole night, and it’s vital to look and feel your best.

Casual Outfits TO Try


Hoodies come in a different range of sizes and styles, and a great piece to add to your collection. They are a splendid way to add layers to your outfits and keep you warm on those cold nights. If it gets hot, simply take it off and tie it around your waist. 

Try a variety of colours of designs to see what style works best with you.


Rocking a nice t-shirt can elevate your look leaps and bounds. Simply pairing it with your jeans and boots will give you a complete look that’s great to go out with. You can try wearing sandals or a beautiful floral skirt to make you feel more feminine. Add on a few accessories and jewellery, and you have yourself a particular outfit.


There is not a single outfit out there that won’t work with a nice pair of fitting jeans. Finding a good pair to go with your body shape is essential, but generally, slim fit jeans will always look good on anyone.

You can match them with your favourite t-shirts and sneakers, and this will allow you to have so many options to explore. 


From Coats to denim jackets, you can stay extra cozy on your wild nights. A great looking coat will give the ultimate fashion look for you, and take your style to the next level.


Shoes are the completing piece to your outfit. Although casual outfits draw a lot of attention, your shoes are the first thing people look at. It’s best to pick up a pair that compliments colours on your outfit. Slats and sandals are great to give you the comfort you need without compromising on style.

When you’re choosing an outfit for your Saturday night, comfort is essential. Mix and match colours, to find what suits you. Above all, have fun with it, and discover what makes you happy! For more interesting lifestyle and fashion related articles like this, check out our blog bechuzi.com where you learn more about new fashion trends and many more.


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