Seven types of bra every woman should have


Wearing a pair of right underwear is the key to a good look. Not only useful, but the word here should also be the ‘perfect’ one. Yes! The first and foremost thing that you should remember while wearing a bra is that you have to pick the most suitable bra for your outfit and schedule. So, a bra is not only a protection for your babies, but it is a deciding factor about your overall appearance. Whereas a suitable piece of lingerie can make your day, a wrong one can ruin it for you. Therefore, while shopping for underwear, you need to be aware of your needs. Not only bust size and cup size, but you should also be mindful of the type of fabric, the color, the presence of wire, and so many other things. Does it sound hard, girl? It is. But we are here to tell you which kind of bras you should own to make every single day your day. If you ask how many bras one should own, the answer is seven. We have discussed the ‘which’ and ‘why’ aspects of those seven bras for you, pretty lady. So, you can read it and shop smart.

Wireless and worry-less:

Wireless bras are the perfect match for a working woman. As you strive through the long hours of professional hazards, wireless bras will secure a feeling of comfort. As these kinds of bras do not have wire under the cups, they allow you to breathe. The less rigid structure of this kind makes you feel free through a busy and long day. If you are traveling for long hours, then also a wireless bra is right. You can have a tight schedule, but your twin friends will be floating like flower petals in the heaven of a wireless bra.

Seems seamless:

This type of bra is essential for you if you are a big fan of western wear. If you have a vast collection of bodycon dresses or tank tops, you ought to own a seamless bra. This kind of bra is made from one piece of fabric. Thereby, there are no stitches or seams to appear on the bra. If you are wearing a bodycon dress, there is no possibility of showing any stitch on the bra you are wearing if it is a seamless bra. So, you can wear western without worrying about a popping line of stitches of the bra.

T-shirt it is:

One of the most comfortable types of bra is a T-shirt bra. These are wonderful to wear. They keep your bosom tight and safe. These are also seamless and will not show up under a tight-fitting dress. The name suggests that it has been invented to help women to find a suitable piece of underwear under their cute T-shirts. So, you can wear a T-shirt bra and relax. There will be no show of stitches and no show of nipples. Why? It has smooth and padded cups. Isn’t it the best?

The deep plunging one:

A deep plunging bra is a must-have article in the wardrobe of every sexy woman like you. Everyone wants to show a little cleavage. I mean, if you have got it, you should flaunt what is better than a firm bra that also allows a good peek of your cleavage? Here comes the plunging bra that has a low neckline. It goes with a revealing top or dress. Even if you are wearing an ethnic attire, like lehenga or kurta with a plunging neckline, the perfect bra is the plunging one. So now you do not have to think twice before buying a revealing top or dress. Time to go daring, my ladies!

Push them up:

A push-up bra serves the purpose of lifting your boobs and enhancing your cleavage. A push-up bra adds a dramatic effect to any outfit. A little cleavage never hurts. And the round and smooth cups give you a beautiful shape. It is neither droopy nor saggy if you are wearing a push-up bra. Girls with smaller boobs can wear this type to have better cleavage. This type goes well with saree. You will feel comfortable and sexy all at once.


Every woman should have a sports bra in her collection. It is one of the classic bra styles that women have worn for decades. The sports bras are made from stretchy fabric. It has water-resisting properties. You can wear them under swimming costumes if you want. On a long day, you can wear a sports bra to feel super comfortable. However, it does not have any coverage variation. They are super breathable as well. On a day of a long journey, picnic, or physical activities, a sports bra is the best pick for your darlings. A sports bra can hold them tight together and allow them an easy-breezy atmosphere in there.


The essential turmoil of a woman is whether to wear an off-shoulder dress or not. The reasons are the visible straps of a normal bra. It does not look good if you are wearing a cute and stylish top designed to show off your unadorned shoulders, and your bra straps are popping out and sabotage the look. So, the savior is a strapless bra. This kind of bra does not have apparent straps on the shoulder or in the back. How does it hold up then? The trick is, it has straps. But they are made of transparent plastic. So, voila!

The best place for shopping lingerie for the first time is an excellent shopping mall. For the first time, you have to give multiple trials to select your perfect bust and cup size. So, we recommend you to go offline for the first one. Once you get to know your ideal measurement, you can go for online lingerie shopping.

A simple and insignificant thing as the wrong size or wrong fit of bra can ruin your otherwise perfect outfit. So, put as much thought to bra-hunt as you do while shopping for dresses.

Time to look bra-ve!


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