Canadian Destinations You Don’t Want to Miss


So many eager world travelers look to destinations halfway around the world as fascinating, fun and fantastical, but the truth is that you don’t have to travel so far to see beauty and find adventure. In fact, some of the world’s most amazing sights are just one country away, in Canada.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a solo traveler, a traveling couple or a family looking for your next summer vacation — these Canadian destinations are well worth space on your travel bucket list. This year, make it a priority to visit one of the following one-of-a-kind Canadian vacation spots:

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls has been a vacation destination for centuries — who wouldn’t want to see, hear and feel these massive waterfalls in person? Arguably the world’s largest waterfalls, Niagara Falls offers undeniable natural beauty and wonder as well as some thrilling adventure and simple fun. You can find dozens of quality hotels near Niagara Falls because the destination straddles the U.S./Canadian border — making it convenient for American travelers who don’t need to exchange currency during their trip.

In addition to seeing the falls, you can explore the surrounding Niagara region. Niagara is gaining an international reputation for quality wine, and there are more than 400 wineries in the area. You can also visit a few of the small towns surrounding Niagara Falls, like St. Catharines or Niagara-on-the-Lake, which offer quaint architecture and cute shopping opportunities as well as seasonal festivals.

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island, often abbreviated PEI, is the smallest Canadian province and often called the Birthplace of Canada. Just northeast of Maine, PEI offers unbeatable seafood cuisine, unbelievable natural beauty and a strong cultural heritage — which is showcased in the world-famous children’s story “Anne of Green Gables.” In fact, you can still visit Avonlea Village and Anne’s homestead to relive the tale in person.

PEI is an outstanding destination for those who enjoy laid-back outdoor adventure. You can rent a bike and cycle the entire island in a day, seeing the rolling hills, dazzling coastlines and thick woodlands; you can hike through Prince Edward Island National Park, which is full of wildlife; you can go deep sea fishing or dig for clams on the shoreline;

you can hike through Prince Edward Island National Park, which is full of wildlife; you can go deep sea fishing or dig for clams on the shoreline; or you can participate in a wealth of leisure sports, including horseback riding, sailing, parasailing and kayaking, and can camp Canada most amazing spot.


Believe it or not, the Rocky Mountains don’t end at America’s northern border; they continue north into Canada. One of the best ways to


experience the Canadian Rockies is by visiting Banff National Park, which is located in the heart of the mountains and offers some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. In the summer, you can trek across more than a thousand miles of trails and kayak through turquoise-blue lakes; in the winter, you can enjoy some prime skiing and see the landscape twinkle under a layer of ice and snow.

Banff is a popular Canadian destination amongst all sorts of travelers. There are plenty of campsites where you can throw up a tent; you can also participate in glamping or find a luxury cabin or hotel nearby if that’s your travel style. Truthfully, you should definitely put Banff on your travel bucket list — it is simply too stunning to pass up.


Another corner of Canada known for wine, Kelowna is often called “Napa North” for terroir so similar to California wine country to the south. You should expect, given such a name, that Kelowna offers the wine lover an endlessly fun and fruitful vacation filled with tastings and tours — and you would be correct. 

However, even before Kelowna was renowned for its grapes, it was respected as a fantastic family vacation destination, full of natural beauty and adventure. On the edge of Okanagan Lake, Kelowna offers all sorts of thrilling water sports, to include scuba diving and a paddle trail that allows you to see the countryside from a new perspective. You might also take the kids into the country to see some one-of-a-kind markets, like the Pioneer Country Market (which as an onsite museum) or the Farmer’s and Crafter’s Market.

Canada is bigger and more beautiful than you can imagine, and it would take a lifetime of travel to see it all — but that doesn’t mean you can’t start now. This year, you should make a commitment to see a corner of Canada you don’t know much about, and you’ll likely be blown away by the experience.


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