Event Planning 101: 8 Pillars to Rely on for Your Upcoming Events in 2020

Event Planning Upcoming Events in 2020

Corporate giants such as Apple, The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft, HubSpot all recognize the need to invest considerably in their event management strategy. As we head to 2020, events are getting more important than ever. Rely on these 8 event management pillars as you step into the New Year:

Social Media Following

Needless to say, social media plays a vital role in raising awareness and attracting people to the downtown event venues in San Diego. According to experts, one-fifth of all traffic to registration and ticketing pages comes from social media platforms. That explains why you should have a robust social media marketing strategy. 

Among the most critical questions to ask is whether you’re on the right social media platforms to target your audience? You may be overly focusing on Facebook and Twitter, whereas 2020 demands that you launch a YouTube channel to share videos of past events or conferences and enhance your Instagram presence. 

Once you’re on the same platforms as your audience, your efforts should focus on maximizing your reach.  For instance, you can create a contest encouraging people to tag everyone they know to your posts, giving them a chance to win prizes.

Right Mix of Tools and Software

The organization is extremely important in event management that requires the right mix of tools and software. Without possessing or knowing how to utilize the tools, you won’t be able to face fierce competition in 2020. Effective sharing of real-time information with clients and having a back-up solution for all the data have become a need. 

For instance, an event tracking software is a valuable solution that serves as a hub for tracking event’s inventory, budgets, files, project plans, task lists, contracts, and more.  Clients    love transparency and to have real-time access to everything in one place. You can give viewing access or the ability to edit or both to your clients

Your Professional Network

Building up contacts is crucial for any event management firm. For instance, speakers are a great asset but that doesn’t mean you keep relying on the same speakers for every conference or seminar. If your event lacks valuable participants, attendants can question the value of your events. To identify fresh talent, you will need to pay special attention to networking in the industry. 

Ideally, you should devise a speaker sourcing and outreach strategy for 2020. The aim of the strategy should be to utilize your time and resources efficiently to access talent and ultimately attract more audiences.

If not anything, just review your existing suppliers and partner up with environment-friendly organizations to boost your sustainability credentials. 

Your Event Sponsor

Event sponsors are among the most critical pillars for any type of event. Thus, you should consider strengthening this particular area. Cash injection and free use of services and equipment are issued by sponsors can be of great help during events. Attracting sponsors and drawing up packages again require establishing contacts, your reputation as well as how you pitch them.

Press Coverage

You can’t, of course, secure press coverage since the start. You’ll have to start with a channel, but once you establish some footing, divert your attention to attaining press coverage from a third-party. They’ll bring a whole new set of audiences, increasing awareness even further and boosting sales. 

While it majorly depends on the industry or sector your event falls into, websites and local newspapers can be great platforms to target in the beginning. You will write a press release, but grabbing media interest in not easy.  The press release should be concise and short, and should immediately convey what you and your event are all about from its subject line. It should be in a bullet form and be readable online. Viewers can lose interest if they need to download it. 

Identify and Accommodate Clients’ Dietary Needs

This matter is so important that it makes the list of event management pillars. Event managers know how difficult it can be to find out what everyone can eat considering their dietary limitations and minimize food waste.

If you fail to correctly identify your clients’ dietary needs, most of the audience will leave hungry and dissatisfied, and a large portion of the food will go into waste. Besides the waste of money, you may lose your business. To avoid all this in 2020, make it a point to ask your clients about the guests’ dietary needs beforehand. One way to solve such problems is to use Stitch, a party planning tool that summarizes guests’ dietary needs by allowing hosts to ask questions in advance. 

Culture of Transparency

Start your new year by creating a transparent culture in which all the key stakeholders such as your marketing team have insights into the set objectives, goals, deliverable timeline, and other information. Keeping everyone on the same page since the start can help you create a unified, branded experience for the audience. 

Continuous Improvement

No matter how successful you were in 2019, keep searching for new opportunities and fresh challenges. A wise event manager knows that there’s always room for improvement. This could simply mean trying something creative in a traditional corporate event venue San Diego or experimenting with a new downtown event venue for events in 2020. Look around for what’s happening across the global event management industry. You’ll be surprised by how many ideas you get from companies operating in other countries. If you think of it as creating memorable event experiences, you’ll be forced to shake up your routine approach and think out-of-the-box. 


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