A Complete Itinerary for your Euro Trip in 2020

Euro Trip

Is travelling on your cards and you are not sure where you should head to? If yes, then book a long vacation for Europe with the blink of an eye. This is one place in the world where you will not be surprised by the destination, food and the weather. 

Life is about learning while you travel. You must explore as much as possible and collect your own memories.  If you believe in it strongly, then Europe will be a perfect holiday destination for you. But travelling to Europe needs a visa stamp and a lot of planning.

Do Indians need a visa to travel to Europe?

Yes, Indian passport holders need to own a Schengen visa if they wish to travel to any European country in the Schengen Zone. Get a thorough idea on how to apply for Schengen Visa from India so that you are well-prepared and your visa application will not be rejected.

Do you need Travel Insurance to travel to Europe? Why?

Yes, you need travel insurance to travel to Europe. Buy international travel insurance for your Schengen visa application with medical coverage of at least Euro 30,000.

You may have fixed a budget for your international trip, sparing unexpected expenses like medical assistance. Your travel insurance policy is to provide you with quick medical aid without worrying too much. 

For a broken bone in the leg, the doctor in Europe may charge $414 or Rs.29,591/-. This can be too much when you are abroad and have planned your trip accordingly.

Things to do in 10 days in Europe 

Europe offers too many things for you to explore. From the mighty mountains to beaches, the most iconic buildings like Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa, and many others can vie for your attention. For your 10 days in Europe, this is how you can plan your trip.

Day 1 to 3: Amsterdam – Start off your trip with Amsterdam as your first destination. Once you arrive, shed off your exhaustion. Gear yourself for loads of fun on your way. You can then push off to see the Gingerbread House, Oude Kerk, and the Damn Square. 

The second day you can start the day by exploring the hidden Begijnhof garden. Stop for brunch in a restaurant nearby. You can then relax and take a luxury walk by the Munt Tower and the famous flower market. On the third day, make a move to visit the famous Anne Frank Museum, which is dedicated to wartime Jewish diarist. You may also visit the Rijksmuseum to see paintings from the Dutch Golden Age, Rembrandt, Jacob Van Ruisdael, and others. Another must-visit place will include Van Gogh, another Dutch art museum. You can also go shopping for famous Dutch cheese, Dutch jewellery, decorative oil lamps, and much more.

Day 4: Amsterdam to Brussels – Lay off in your hotel and relax for some while. Eat well and take the afternoon train to Brussels. This place is known for architectural landmarks that include the Grand Place, Atomium, and Museum of Art and History. 

Day 5: Brussels – The next day in Brussels is for comic books, good beer, and beautiful parks. Visit the local market, you can relax for some time to visit art and music venues. You can also buy fruit and chocolates.

Day 6: Brussels to Bruges and GhentKeep your excitement intact for a day trip to Bruges and Ghent — two small towns in Belgium. Start early and prefer taking a train ride from Brussels. Arrive at Bruges in the morning and take a walk to reach the town. Get some breakfast and while you walk down, remember to click the pictures at Belfort. You will enjoy the town en route to the canal. By noon, push off to Gravensteen castle in Ghent. 

Day 7,8 and 9: Ghent to ParisYou can catch a bus to reach Paris. Try and make it early to avoid long queues at the famous tourist spots. Visit the Notre Dame Cathedral the first day. The next morning, you can start from Louvre and then to the Garnier Palace. Find some time for shopping at Boulevard Haussmann. Make your last day memorable at the Eiffel Tower and Seine River Cruise.

Day 10 Fly back homeTake your flight back home to India packed with some beautiful memories and some gorgeous souvenirs.

Things to carry when travelling to Europe.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”, said Benjamin Franklin. Do not miss these things when travelling to Europe. 

  1. Passport.
  2. Camera, battery, and universal adapter or charger.
  3. Ticket, printed travel itinerary, and travel insurance policy
  4. Comfortable clothes and shoes. Do not miss on a jacket.
  5. A book or an e-reader to guide you on the travel to Europe.
  6. A small backpack for day travel.


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