The new Kingdoms Rise franchise changing the way you play Slots

Kingdoms Rise franchise changing the way you play Slots

The world’s leading gambling technology company, Playtech, announced in October last year that they were launching Kingdoms Rise – a massive new games franchise, similar to their already hugely popular Age of the Gods games. However, these would include a unique reward system to enhance player engagement.’

Kingdoms Rise is based around a fantasy world made up of many different lands. Playtech initially released three games, but have already rolled out a further two with more expected later in the year. 

Players are able to explore the whole Kingdoms Rise universe via the creative in-game map, which also gives you the option to jump directly from game to game without having to navigate back to the site’s home page. Excitement is also built up for new releases as the map hints at these. There really is no game better, at the minute, to play casino for real money

What are the five current Kingdoms Rise games? 

  • Kingdoms Rise Reign of Ice
  • Kingdoms Rise Captain’s Treasure
  • Kingdoms Rise Guardians of the Abyss
  • Kingdoms Rise Forbidden Forest
  • Kingdoms Rise Sands of Fury

What makes Kingdoms Rise different to other slots? 

In most online Slots bonus rounds and special features are triggered by landing wilds or scatters across the reels. However, with Kingdoms Rise, players are given 50 Game Tokens and 50 Pending Game Tokens when they play their first game. Players then win extra tokens as they play the games, which they can then use to open special features and bonus rounds from the feature shop, options are specific to every game – which we will explain later. This gives you the power unseen in any other online game – you can decide what bonus game to play and when you want to play it, the choice is yours. 


There are three jackpots, all of which can be won on any spin and in any of the games. The first, and the biggest, is the Epic Jackpot – this starts at £100,000 and has no maximum limit. Then there is the Power Strike Jackpot – this must be won before it reaches £2,000. Lastly, there is the Daily Striker Jackpot, this will drop daily before midnight. 

Our choice of the five Slots: Kingdoms Rise Guardians of the Abyss

This five-reel slot zaps you into the depths of a mystical world where free spins and progressive jackpots are loitering. Collect coins as you play and you could get your hands on some Wild Vortex respins that include an extra wild – these are specific to this game, as mentioned before. 

The leading symbols in this game are Jax, Akali and Odeon. These protagonists will supply you with the most mouth-watering of payline combos. The scatter is a secret shell symbol and when you land three or more of these icons, you’ll be transported into the Guardians Bonus. Before you enter you will be shown which of the main symbols are going to feature in the bonus game, the amount of free-spins and the overall power of the round. 

Each character supplies something different. If you get Odeon, he will land on different parts of the reels. Additional wilds will be provided by Akali, whilst Jax makes sure that you pick up an extra multiplier. The six-figure progressive jackpot could also be lurking in the shadows. It can be triggered on any spins, winning or not. 

The return to player in this game is 92.10%, will you rise from the depths of the Abyss a champion? 


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