Display Your Collection: The Most Creative Coin Holder Options for Your Home

coin holder

Hunting for coins to add to your collection is exciting and a fun hobby. Whether you collect coins for fun or collect them to be part of coin clubs, more than likely you want to show off those coins you have. We have a few coin holder ideas to help you share your collection with everyone.

Keep reading to learn the best coin holder options to help keep your coins safe.

Coin Holder Albums

These albums have removable pages with slots to insert your collection coins. The slots are protected by clear plastic film allowing you to see both sides of the coin. You can easily move the pages around making it easy to organize and expand your coin collection.

If you choose this as your coin holder be careful with older coin albums because their cardboard might contain acids that can go through the material and react with the metal from the coin. Newer albums are acid-free making it a better choice.

Coin Capsules

These are hard plastic cases that are sometimes called caps. Sometimes they are shaped to match the coin that will go inside of it or it might come in a circular shape. You can use them as they come or you can use styrofoam cutouts to make the coins fit tight.

Coin capsules are more durable than other coin holders making them a popular option if you are ever considering to show them off for someone to buy gold from you.

Keep in mind that not all coin capsules are airtight which can leave your coins vulnerable to temperature changes and to humidity.

Coin Pockets

These are sometimes called coin flips. They are clear pockets that fold in half and hold one coin at a time. These pockets are popular because it protects the coins when you handle them and from the environment. Both sides can also be seen clearly.

Keep in mind that there are some plastics that are made from PVC and after exposure to heat and light for a consistent period of time the plastic will break down. Once the PVC breaks down it creates a mild acidic reaction that interacts with the coin metals.

Over time this reaction will cause deposits on your coins if you do not catch it on time. If you start to notice milky, gray streaks, or green deposits on your coins this is a sign that your coins were exposed to this reaction.

Which Coin Holders Will You Choose?

Now that you are familiar with different coin holder options to help protect your coins and allow you to show off your collection, which coins will you choose? It’s best to choose cases that will keep the coins safe from the elements and to protect your assets in case you decide to ever sell them.

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