Mexico Travel Bucket List

Mexico Travel Bucket List

Getting to know Mexico is one of the best experiences you can have regardless of your age, sex, race, or religion. Mexico, unlike other countries, is multicultural (in most of its states), and you will always find an ideal place to spend a pleasant time in your way. Here you will know everything that makes this country great, so there is a list of things I love about this country that I want to share with you so that like me, you will be amazed at every place located in this stretch of land on the globe.


If Mexico can boast a city it is Oaxaca, it has all kinds of ecosystems, and all the travelers who have been fortunate enough to visit this place have been immediately captured by the beauty of its incredible landscapes.

In Oaxaca, you can visit Monte Alban, formerly known as Ocelotepec (Jaguar Mountain) by the Mexicas, in this place you will learn more about the Zapoteca culture that predominated in this site hundred years ago. At the moment you enter the site you will notice the magnitude of the arms of Monte that lead to the valley of Oaxaca where you can enjoy an incredible view (I recommend you see a sunset here).

These are the best places you can visit in Oaxaca.

Templo de Santo Domingo. The streets of downtown Oaxaca (one of the cleanest streets in the world and where you can try Tejate, a typical drink of the region), Tule tree (the largest tree in diameter in the whole earth), Hierve el Agua (petrified waterfalls thousands of years old).

Cabo San Lucas

There is no city with a larger reef that has a view of the Cortez sea like Cabo San Lucas. This city of barely two decades of growth has evolved to be one of the most famous destinations for many travelers who want to know Mexico, but actually, the most popular activities of the site are to take advantage of whale watching of 5 different species that you can enjoy during the period from December to March.

Cabo San Lucas has many activities to offer to all types of travelers, but, without a doubt, you can’t miss the authentic visit to the arch (it looks even more immense physically than in pictures).

The most important recommendation of this city is to visit Love Beach and Divorce Beach if they are on the same side.

And if you haven’t figured out how to get around, it’s best to purchase a Cabo San Lucas car rental service to get around quickly.


One of the most famous tourist cities in Mexico that currently ranks number one in foreign income is Cancun.

Many people can consider Cancun as a relatively small city that you can reach everywhere in less than 20-25 minutes. The beaches of this beautiful city offer each of its visitors a magnificent view adorned with blue sea, white coral sand and luxury hotels surrounded by beautiful palm trees under which you can relax to spend the best vacation during the day.

Also, the city of Cancun is a Multicultural place that will make you feel at home, imagine this:

Walk around your room with a glass of wine while from your window you feel the fresh breeze and the view of the Caribbean Sea so impressive, then go down to take a little bit of the sun and come back to visit the city…

It sounds impressive, and it is!

If there are any places I can recommend from Cancun besides the beaches they are the following:

Cancun’s Hotel Zone, Plazas de Zona Hotelera (Plaza La Isla, Plaza Kukulcan and Puerto Cancun Marina Town Center, Plazas Comerciales del Centro de la Ciudad (Plaza Las Americas, Malecon Americas, Plazas Outlet), the Scenic Tower of Cancun and the Wheel of Fortune outside Plaza la Isla.


A relatively young city will make you want to spend the rest of your life, contemplating most of its virgin beaches and cycling around the city while discovering new national and international food stands.

An impressive attraction of the city is the archaeological zone of Tulum (Zama), which is visited daily by hundreds of tourists and where you cannot miss a wonderful tour guide that will fill you with culture and knowledge about the Mayas.

Getting to Tulum can be a journey, so try to acquire a transportation service that suits your needs!

Playa del Carmen

A great destination is Playa del Carmen; this is a very young city. However, you can’t miss its main attraction, the fifth avenue, where you can walk and visit the various typical and international food shops and buy some souvenirs.

On Fifth Avenue, you will also find Quinta Alegria, a place where you can find everything from snorkeling items to world-renowned clothing brands.

The streets of this city are quite small, and therefore, it will be easy to move from one place to another, you can get a Playa del Carmen Car Rental service of to get quickly to your destination.


You’ve probably heard of Acapulco, a paradise city in Mexico where the Quebrada is the most famous site, as hundreds of artists and traveling visitors have visited this site to venture into the most courageous dive of their lives!

In Acapulco there are many places you will love to visit, some of them are the following:

Playa Condesa (where you will find the best restaurants, the best bars, and more), Galerías Acapulco, Galerías Diana, and La Bahía (the three shopping centers where you can spend the day and go shopping.

In Acapulco, also, typical dishes such as seafood are the most famous for their delicious taste and the height of gastronomy in diversification that is found here.

Magic Villages

In Mexico, there are many magical towns that you will want to visit within the most beautiful cities of the country, In this site, you will know an endless number of diverse stories of each state and each site. Besides that, you will take away from each one an incredible experience. I recommend you to visit the following ones:

  • Mitla in Oaxaca
  • Bacalar in Quintana Roo
  • Tequila in Jalisco
  • Papantla in Veracruz
  • Huasca de Ocampo in Hidalgo
  • Cuatro Cienegas in Coahuila
  • Zacatlán de las Manzanas in Puebla


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