5 Things To Know Before Visiting Africa

Visiting Africa

No one can deny, Africa holds the distinction for being one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit. Not only is this continent famous for its wildlife but it is equally popular for being one of the most favorite tourist spots around the globe. There’s nothing better than traveling in today’s time, which is why many families look forward to a holiday every year. If you haven’t traveled to Africa, there are a few things you must keep in mind. Don’t forget, you will have to travel through rocky terrains, deserts, mountains, and whatnot. So it is important to pull up your socks and read the below-mentioned tips to prepare yourself:

  1. Valid VISA is a Must

You can’t travel to Africa without a valid VISA. Especially if you have plans for moving to different parts of the continent, you must have all the necessary documents required. Visit the nearest office of the African embassy to register a valid VISA for traveling to this continent. If you don’t have experience of applying for an international VISA, take help from google to find the nearest office of a travel agent. For example, if you’re willing to travel to Ethiopia, google ethiopian VISA to get a list of nearest VISA offices.

  1. Insurance is a Must

Keep in mind, there is a scarcity of medical facilities in Africa. This is the main reason why hospitals and doctors require immediate cash at the time of treatment. In case you are faced with a sudden calamity, medical evacuation to a different destination will become mandatory. The benefit of insurance is, it will make sure you get your money back after returning home. Therefore, it is not wise enough to overlook insurance policy. Keep a copy of every receipt when you return home to claim all the finances.

  1. Bring Cash

Don’t come to Africa without a money card or VISA card. Inform your bank account about your visit to this continent so that they don’t seal your bank account after detecting international transactions. Africa is not a rich continent and much of the economy relies on payments in cash. So make sure you load your wallet with cash before traveling to Africa. You will be surprised to know, locals trade US dollars over their currency.

  1. Wear Appropriate Clothing

Sierra Leone is known for its scorching hot weather, even during the winter season. However, it is essential to know, it is a mainstream Muslim country so you must respect its culture. Packing miniskirts and backless tops won’t be a good idea. Try to wear jeans and long shirts when moving around in public areas. Although tourists are loved by the locals, yet it is important to beware of extremist groups in the country.

  1. Don’t Forget Snacks

If you’re traveling to Africa with kids, you must not forget to pack their favorite snacks. Even if your kids are foodies, they might not find the local food very delicious. Although there’s nothing better than eating local food and snacks, you can’t expect your little munchkins to adhere to the same notion. Furthermore, the food in mainstream countries of Africa is limited so you must bring food supplies in a moderate quantity.


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