The 10 Best Countries to Visit in Africa

countries to visit in africa

In today’s busy world, it can be hard to find time to prioritize relaxation and rejuvenation. Still, you and your family deserve a vacation every once in a while.

Perhaps you’ve decided to visit the continent of Africa as a family for the first time. Well, the good news is that you’ve come to the right place by reading this article. Detailed below are ten of the best countries to visit in Africa.

Make the most of this upcoming adventure, by the way. After all, even experts recognize that travel is more important now than ever before when it comes to mental and emotional health. Keep reading to make your trip to Africa a memorable one for everyone.

1. Egypt Is One of the Most Popular Countries to Visit in Africa

Of course, the first African country to consider is that of Egypt. For one thing, it has an excellent and ancient cultural history to explore.

Witness the majesty of the three great pyramids at Giza. Plus, check out the amazing sphynx sculpture close by. Egypt will be the perfect adventure to enjoy if there are any history buffs on this trip to Africa. With Egypt vacation packages, you can explore the hidden wonders of this country at affordable prices.

2. Equador Has Some Great Destinations

There are some other tourist spots to consider in Africa, by the way. Consider those in Equador. There are plenty of mountains and ancient sculptures to appreciate throughout the country.

3. Morocco Has a Ton of Culture to Explore

Speaking of culture, don’t forget to stop by the bustling country of Morocco and have a look around. Morocco is known for things like its music, dancing, and cuisine, in particular. You and your family can get a thorough immersion in a true African experience when you explore this country.

4. Visit the Country of Zambia

Still, Africa is full more of more than people, culture, and a ton of history. There’s a ton of natural wildlife and landscapes to witness in this part of the world.

One way to make the most of your nature-filled African vacation is by staying in a lodge instead of a hotel. That can make the experience more immersive for everyone. For a specific example worth your consideration, you and your family could stay at this lodge.

5. See the Wildlife Reserves in Botswana

Speaking of enjoying wildlife, Botswana is one of the best places in Africa to do so. It’s no secret that African safaris are world-renown for their thrill and views available throughout the wild landscapes. If you’re wanting to invest in a similar experience for you and your family, choose to do so in the majestic country of Botswana.

6. Witness the Mountains in Malawi

For a mountainous view on your upcoming African getaway, in particular, consider visiting Malawi. There are a ton of peaks that are thousands of feet above sea level and worth your time to check out.

7. Madagascar Is Part of Africa, Too

You’re likely familiar with the children’s movie titled Madagascar. Well, the movie got one thing right: the island of Madagascar is full of the bountiful wildlife and natural wonders.

It’s true that the island is not part of the connected African continent. Still, it’s worth checking out for at least a couple of days if you’re making your way over to that side of the world. Plus, you can enjoy the beaches on this island if you’re wanting a traditional vacation experience, too.

8. Don’t Forget About South Africa

On the very southern tip of the continent of Africa is a country worth visiting at any point throughout the year. South Africa can boast of some of the best national parks on the entire continent. Plus, South Africa has a ton of bustling cities to explore if you and your family are looking for a more modern vacation experience.

South Africa is also another prime destination to experience a traditional safari. In addition, don’t forget to take adventures along the winding coastline and lagoons.

9. Ethiopia Has an Ancient Culture, Too

If you’re looking for an African getaway that presents a more genuine traditional experience, consider spending time in Ethiopia. For one thing, this country has a specific cuisine that is beloved around the world. Getting a taste of it here is worthwhile if you have adventurous taste buds.

Consider checking out the Blue Nile Falls in Ethiopia. This waterfall is huge and comparable to Niagra Falls. You and your family will appreciate the splendor of this naturally made site.

10. Enjoy the Beaches in the Country of Gambia

As mentioned above, Africa does offer countless beaches and coastlines to be proud of. This can be perfect for family members who would rather lie down and enjoy the sun all day.

One country in Africa with noteworthy beaches is that of Gambia. Located on the western part of the continent, this small sliver of a country has a ton to offer traveling families.

Don’t let its small size fool you, though. It still has a ton of ideal activities to offer families just like yours.

Take the time to research which accommodations would best suit your family. If you’re looking for luxurious beachfront properties to enjoy during your time in Africa, Gambia might be the ideal destination for you.

Continue Investing in Your Overall Quality of Life

At this point in the article, you’re aware of some of the best countries to visit and Africa. There’s no need to cut corners when it comes to this upcoming vacation with your family. That’s why you’ll take the above suggestions seriously.

It’s important to take advantage of opportunities to travel when they arrive. Doing so will contribute to your happiness and overall quality of life. In addition, it can be wise to keep yourself well-informed of other lifestyle practices that could benefit you and your family in similar ways.

In fact, that’s where this website can come into play. For that reason, we encourage you to browse through the rest of our blog articles today. To start, comment below this article about how it inspired you and your family to take the trip of a lifetime.


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