A Perfect day at Kruger National Park SA

A Perfect day at Kruger National Park SA

For anyone conversant with Africa, the name South Africa is not likely to be a strange one. The country which hosted the 2010 FIFA world cup is historically known as the center of apartheid and the home country of Nelson Mandela. Beyond these, South Africa is a country blessed with great topography, cultural diversity, and impressive natural and environmental beauty which explains why it is such a fantastic tourist destination. South Africa is a great destination for individual or family themed destinations. Most times, we travel to experience new cultures, food, language, or historical sites but in all these South Africa is a prime country to visit. Whether you want to go scuba diving, paragliding, kite surfing, scuba diving, hiking, mountain biking, etc. South Africa offers a fun-filled adventure you are likely to remember for a long time.

Safari Trip to Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park is a beautiful location that provides ample opportunity to experience wildlife in its natural splendor. It is home to a large density of wildlife. The sheer retinue of animals available at the park itself is impressive. According to their website they have about 147 mammal species, 500 species of birds and 116 reptiles, and about 457 types of trees and shrubs among others. The large expanse of land and the huge investments of nature kind of make a trip to Kruger a kind of spiritual discovery as well.

Budget cost with a VIP Experience

The overall cost implication of a safari trip to Kruger is why I recommend you include it in your bucket list for 2021. For a cost of $27 dollars for foreign visitors, the park isn’t too much of a dent on the pocket too. The accommodation cost is according to the visitor’s taste or perhaps cost. However, the cost of a hotel room for a couple could cost about $105 per night, although sundry camping arrangements around the park cost significantly less at $35 per night.

While poaching and gaming have been a threat to wildlife across the nations of the world, the South African government appears to have done an impressive job with the management of the park. Part of what makes adventure fun especially one to a wildlife park is the thrill of the environment. The prospect of witnessing wild animals walking about with reckless abandon can be quite interesting. For the first time, it can be quite intimidating but on subsequent visits, the anxiety will potentially reduce.

The safari packages at Kruger Park typically includes game viewing which may kick off in the morning or at a time to coincide with the movements of the wild animals in order to give the tourists the opportunity to witness the animals in their natural habitat. The motive behind the morning drive is based on the understanding that the animals are at their most active in the mornings and maybe moving around the park in droves at this time. The safari’s are traditionally conducted in open 4×4 safari vehicles and coordinated by experienced guides who are familiar with the nooks and cranny of the environment.

Kruger is not just a place to experience wild animals in their natural environment; it is also a location rich in flora and fauna. Depending on your package, there are packages that include bush walks to experience this lush vegetation. However, this is not for the faint-hearted especially considering it is in an environment where wild animals prowl. Although the willingness of the management of the park to include this option means it is relatively safe even though an armed guard is majorly allocated to accompany the tourists on the walk.

Value for money with Option for more

A trip to South Africa offers value for money as you can choose to opt for the luxurious package or a more budget friendly package to save costs. Depending on where you are coming from, a vacation will cost a lot of money if you really want to maximize the opportunities available there. It could be to get memorabilia from the trip or to explore to the fullest the opportunities available at the spot.

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