The Under-Appreciated Skill of Letter Writing

Skill of Letter Writing

 “More than kisses, letters blend spirits,” 

John Donne wrote in a letter to Sir Henry Wotton, four centuries ago. The words sound strong as a ringer, an ideal enunciation of a sense we all feel, however, neglect to express. In an irresistibly learned age, here are generations of people who will never know the happiness of seeing a letter on their doormat, with their name written in the handwriting of somebody they love. They won’t have a tin or a box under their bed stuffed with letters that talk like ghosts of people they’ve been. We are busy connecting with as many people as possible, ignoring how to leave an impact and stay in touch. 

Innovation has fashioned relationships that tie us closer together. We can call our friends and family from a thousand miles away through FaceTime and Skype. We can text. We can talk with one another at the press of a number, and usually, we don’t think over it. In any case, while this progress has, without a doubt, improved our lives from many points of view, they’ve dominated what was accepted an excellent way of communication like handwritten letters and cards, i.e., Snail mail! 

Obviously, many would call letter writing highly antiquated. As somebody who loves writing and getting letters, considering how tragic it is that people hardly give letter writing a chance. And here are the reasons why we should all write and send letters more often, even though it isn’t 1874: 

Letters are Emotional, Unique, and Wordsworthian.

Handwritten letters have an exquisite level of wistfulness. In stories, letters can be incredible to such an extent that they change whole communication. The world’s most powerful books were written in epistolary structure, look at the start of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley or Dracula by Bram Stoker. Remember how excited Harry when he, at last, got his hands on Hogwarts letter? 

Honestly, there’s nothing like unraveling handwriting, getting a mystifying cream-hued envelope you weren’t expecting, or roaring with laughter at messages from family, friends, or lovers far away. There’s a great deal of love in a letter, there’s humor, depth, detail, closeness. This is actually why messaging or call doesn’t feel as extraordinary as letter writing because it’s a rather more hurried, prompting abbreviated expressions and emoji just for the purpose of quickness. 

In any case, handwritten letters, anyway antiquated they might be, pass on such warmth and value precisely due to the detail put into them it’s as though seeing somebody’s handwriting carries you closer to their heart and causes you to value that person more. So let yourself revel in the unusually of getting a letter. Keep in touch with your friends, write a letter to your mom and tell her all about the literature review help you got, or congratulating a friend on having a baby.

Letters Show Effort.

In our time of innovation, we’re focused on completing things in the snappiest, most proficient way that could be available, and this can some of the time make us forget to take in the pleasant vibe of the moment. What makes accepting a letter so exceptional is the way that somebody set aside the effort to sit down and keep in touch with you through a letter, out of the ample number of things they expected to do, all the restricted time they had, they made writing you, a need. That feels better, knowing somebody thought enough about you to place effort into keeping in touch with you. 

Getting a letter shows us that we are cherished, remembered, appreciated, missed. It causes us to feel respected. We have occupied timetables; time may appear to be challenging to find. In any case, accept that it’s a matter of setting aside a few minutes, not finding the time. If you genuinely care about somebody, it shouldn’t make any difference how much stamps cost. 

 Letter Writing is Catharsis.

While getting a letter can cause us to feel happy, we can also enormously profit by merely sitting down and writing a letter. When we sit down to write a letter to somebody, we allow ourselves to take a break from the frenetic world around us. The mysteries and worry of our lives are put as a second thought while we focus on whatever we’re writing. This feeling of get-away and calm thinking makes it conceivable to be separated from everyone else with your thoughts for some time, which thus implies that it’s simpler to concentrate on what you’re writing in your letter. 

Also, when you’re mindful of what you’re writing, when you’re completely submerged in the letter that needs to be written, your words wind up great since you’re picking them carefully rather than thoughtlessly writing off a “K” or “OMG”. It’s not difficult to see how a letter can show feeling more expressive and authentic to its recipient than a WhatsApp message may, and how having the option to sift through our thoughts and pass on our value allows us, as thinkers, to feel loose and happy after we complete the letter writing. 

 Letters are Historical Artifacts.

Nowadays, many things happen on a screen, messages fly in and heap up, writings go back and forth, we lose data, and it’s simple and even typical for these things to get lost or erased. The more critical part of the communication is ignored, which demonstrates how these innovative “changes” have debilitated communication as much as they’ve encouraged it. 

In any case, when we write and get letters, we really find the right place to those words we have paper, a record, a piece of evidence. In contrast to writings or calls, paper letters are so great since you can go back and repeat them, which makes the whole message live once more. By and by, you would see there’s something extremely remarkable about having the choice to repeat a letter somebody sent you, to hear their voice in words once more, and envision how they have written everything.

Letter Writing a Memory.

In this sense, letters resemble recorded antiques when we save them, and we protect a piece of that person, their words, and their connection to us. There’s something beautiful about that. However, a few exhibitions show handwritten letters as the most admired antiques in their collections, history lives on through those letters, and the ones we wrote those letters. Anything that can move those emotions is advantageous, and that is absolutely what a little letter can do. 


The letters that you have held dear, and never lost, are letters of friendship and love. Letters recount to the tale in excellent, blemished handwriting that writes its way on to your heart. Let the letter-writing revolution start. Sit down with a paper and a pen, keep in touch with somebody you love, or have put some distance between, and you will enjoy it. Tell your friends the amount you miss them. Get your pen and write the day away!


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