How to Keep Your Home Organized After Having Kids

Home Organized After Having Kids

Kids are a blessing. They bring life to a household. However, they also come with challenges and one of them is keeping your home tidy. Kids are full of life. They are active and can take just a few minutes to turn your neatly organized house into something else.

But you still want to have kids and keep your home organized at the same time. How do you do it?

Remove Clutter

Only have what you need to use in your home. Get rid of any other thing that is not being used. Is it damaged toys, unloved toys, old and damaged furniture or old clothes?

If you have a lot of clutter, this may seem easier said than done and may need a lot of effort to get started. To make it easy, break down the decluttering into smaller chunks. List the parts of your house that need to be cleared and do it one by one.

If you are wondering how and where to take the junk, you can enlist the services of Russell’s Rubbish Removal, and have all your junk removed from your home.

You can donate items that are in good condition to charity.

By having only what you need, it will be easy to keep your home organized.

Have A Place for Each Item

Each item should have its place. Let your kids know this such that if the item is removed, it should be returned to its rightful place.

Whether it is their toys or household items make sure you have a place for each one.

Do Continuous Restocking

Put items and toys away once you and your kids are done using them. This continuous restocking will make your home to remain organized and it is less tiring than if you were to wait and do it all at once. Besides, you can enlist the help of older kids to put the items away once they are done using them.

For instance, you and your kids can clear plates and put them in the dishwasher once you are done eating.  You can have a place where the kids can hang their coats and put shoes once they are from outside to prevent them from placing items anywhere in the house.

Let them put the toys back once they are through playing, put the toothpaste and toothbrush back to the bathroom and place dirty clothes in the laundry basket.

Use Bins to Store Kids Items

It is easy to put stuff into bins or baskets, which makes them the best type of container to store your kids’ stuff. Once they are done with playing, the kids or you can simply toss their stuff into the bins. Have a bin for each type of toy. You can have one for stuffed animals, another for blocks and another for games. Label the bins or put pictures on them in case you have kids who are too young to read.

Create Clean-Up Time

You should set a few minutes aside each day before bedtime to get organized. Enlist the help of older kids before they retire to bed and have the house straightened up.

Also, set up time in your calendar, whether weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, to clean up the house, declutter and put things back in their place. Doing so will make a big difference in the cleanliness of your home.


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