Choosing Between A Dirt Bike And An ATV


If you are looking for a sport that is full of adventure and adrenaline, then riding a dirt bike is an excellent option, as other than being lots of fun, it is also a great exercise. You may look at the two sports and think they are almost the same, but there are some subtle differences between them. 

Below are some of the key differences to help you decide which sport is better for you or the members of your family. 

The Benefits Of An ATV

When you choose an ATV, there are some significant advantages to it, and the main one would be the ease at which you can ride one. ATVs come in multiple sizes with small ones designed for young children, up to ones for adults, and even road-legal versions available. As there are four wheels, it is easy to get started, and an ATV can be driven in much more varied conditions than a dirt bike. An ATV can be used on snow and ice, where a dirt bike would be useless, meaning that you can use it for much longer throughout the year, no matter where you live. 

ATVs are also more functional than dirt bikes and can be used for outside work on farms and the like, and you can also carry passengers on the back, as well as tow trailers and equipment. As ATVs are simpler to start learning, if you want to take up a new sport for you and the family, QuadBikes R Us sells road legal quad bikes UK wide, and it has some of the best models available.

Why Dirt Bikes Are A Good Choice

There are also some significant benefits to choosing a dirt bike over an ATV, and some of these may surprise you, such as dirt bikes being safer than ATVs. Although ATVs have less crashes than dirt bikes, when they do crash, there is much more chance of a severe injury as most times the vehicle will roll, usually over the top of the person riding it. As well as being safer, dirt bikes cost less than ATVs, and they are also easy to transport around to different areas so you can easily find new paths and tracks to enjoy. You can also run dirt bikes on a single track, so they need less space. With bikes being lighter than ATVs, they are also much more of an adrenaline rush when you are riding them.

Making Your Decision

Making Your Decision

There is no right choice between dirt bikes and ATVs; ultimately, it is a personal choice that you must make. Ensure that you research both sports thoroughly before allowing your family to partake, and then you should give each one a try before making your decision. 

If you follow all the safety guidelines and wear the correct protective clothing, you can have a lot of fun when riding either machine. Take some professional training courses when you first start, and you and your family may have found a pastime that you can do together that everyone enjoys immensely.


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