How to Land Your Dream Job at MyFox8


Remember the Al Pacino and Russell Crowe starrer Oscar-nominated film ‘The Insider’ which depicted Pacino as a channel producer? Or you might recall the popular television series, ‘The Newsroom’ which revolves around people working at a fictional news channel. Both of these projects provide the viewers with a general idea of the excitement of working in the media industry. If you are among those who are intrigued by the glitz and adventures of a media house, then MyFox8 might be the perfect place for you to start. You never know, after a couple of decades, you might be looking at the next Rupert Murdoch in the mirror.

Why Should You Intern at a Media House?

Firstly, one needs to understand that interning at a reputable institution always helps in self-development. It gives you the kickstart you need to fully address yourself as a thorough, responsible individual. It also enhances by large, the scope to be spotted by a potential future employer. Now that you have got that sorted out, you can address the more important question- why intern for a media house like MyFox8? To land a full-time job in a media house and to obtain all that comes with it, demands a certain set of skills. It cannot be more obvious as to whom the recruiters would like to hire when they are presented with a choice between an individual who has already learned some tricks of the trade or, someone whom they need to train from the scratch.

Highest Paid Media House Posts in the United States

Did you know that a seasoned TV producer can fetch up to $90,000? But, as a great hero once said, with great power and money come even greater responsibilities and odd work hours. Well, that’s not quite what he said, but a modified way to sum the situation up.

So, what are some of the highest-grossing media jobs in the US?

Art Director

This position offers a lot of opportunities in both print and digital media. The art director is mainly involved in designing visuals for magazines, book jackets, and event posters among other things. If you are good with your painting and sketching skills, this might interest you as it requires artistic creativity to design something that will appeal to consumers. According to a 2017 Bureau of Labor report (BLS), in the motion picture and video industry, the average salary of an art director is $112,800. However, the number is roughly $95,000 for a person working in the advertisement or public relation industry.

TV Anchor

In most cases, TV anchors are the best attraction of their TV shows. Can you imagine ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ without Jimmy Kimmel or ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ without David Letterman?  Remember Gerard Butler as the popular host Mike in The Ugly Truth? One thing is made very clear being a TV anchor requires the charms and spontaneity.

The job also pays handsomely. As per the BLS, the average annual salary of a TV anchor is about $60,000. Think how much you can net when you have established yourself as a renowned anchor that a producer can bank on. The sky is the only limit!

Director of Publicity

In this modern world, nothing sells without a little banging on the drums. That is why for a media house to gain profit, the right kind of creative minds are demanded in the publicity department. You might remember the famous line from director Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, “Sell me this pen.” Yes, these are the kinds of skills required in the marketing of media shows and products. The same is true with MyFox8. If you have the creative brains to meet such requirements, you will be sought after in this industry. With some experience under your belt, you can earn a handsome salary in this position. According to BLS, a senior publicity person can get an average annual salary of around $70,000.


Probably the most important and powerful person in a network channel is the producer. Again a reference from The Ugly Truth would be Katherine Heigl as the bossy but lovelorn Abby. It showed Heigl as an award-winning producer who kept everyone on their toes. It’s the producer who rings in the success by getting hold of the right content. In a general sense, it can be said that a producer is anyone who oversees the proceedings of a media production.

Depending on the roles, there are different kinds of producers involved in the production process such as the executive producers and the line producers. As the role of a producer requires him or her to do different tasks, the annual salaries also vary as per the BLS reports. While someone working as a producer in public relation can earn, on an average, up to $90,000; a producer of small-term films earns about $87,000. On the other hand, a television or radio producer can bag a salary of $60,000.

Why Opt for MyFox8?

A Brief History

MyFox8 or as it is widely known WGHP, began airing officially on October 14, 1963, after the Federal Communications Commission decided to assign a third VHF channel frequency for the Piedmont Triad area. It was then licensed to Southern Broadcast Company. After changing hands several times, it was acquired by the Rupert Murdoch led Fox Broadcasting Company on September 9, 1994. It changed its ownership a few more times since then before being finally acquired by its current owners, the Nexter Media Group. The station is known to air some very popular shows throughout its brief history including the Emmy winning sitcom ‘about nothing’- ‘Seinfeld’.

Fascinating Internship Philosophy

MyFox8 has an interesting philosophy to provide their interns with a vigorous and meaningful internship experience. Their philosophy pushes them to energize the workforce with fresh ideas and perspectives. It also, in turn, helps them to have the opportunity to be inspired by the amazing and quality work that is delivered each day at this prestigious television station.

Internship Programs

There are four seasonal internship programs offered by MyFox8. The fall, spring and summer programs last for 8-12 weeks while the winter program goes on for 4-10 weeks. They keep the weekly working hours to a maximum of 40. Hence, you can also find a lot of time to catch up on yourself and life. Of course, you will have to be 18 years of age or older to apply for the internship. Students enrolled with an accredited institution will get more preference, as per the MyFox8 internship page. Further, if your university or college requires college credit as a graduation criterion, this media house will solve the purpose.

You can refer to their official website for more details. You can opt for a single internship offer annually.

Remember, MyFox8, WGHP is an Equally Opportunity Employer, hence there will be no discrimination based on gender, color, race, age, nationality, origin, disabilities and so on. Your internship applications will be screened by Lori Denberg, so you can reach her at  [email protected].

Quick Tips for Getting a Media Internship

That internship won’t land itself. Working in the media takes dedication, persuasion, knowledge and most-importantly time-management skills. It’s not just fun and play! A media internship gives you a sneak peek of what life can be in the real job. It’s tedious, slogging and well, tough. Yes, no one would appreciate a slacker, and being late on-set is a strict no-no. Imagine being a journalist and arriving late on-site; the fire has already been subdued, the victim rescued and the celebrity already on her way back home.

After ravaging through various accounts of HRs and media professionals, here is a comprehensive list of tips to make it in the industry.

 1. On-time application

Like stated above, it’s crucial that you apply for the desired internship on time. The later you apply, the lesser are your chances of landing the internship. For instance, MyFox8 has specific deadlines for each of their internship sessions. Visit their internship page for more details on deadlines. Submitting application way past the deadline will only convey a lack of interest to the recruiter.

2. Build a proper portfolio

You have to get started on this one long before you apply for the internship. An impressive portfolio speaks quality and opens the gateway to the recruiter’s interests. It might seem cool to shoot random video footages on your phone as a part of the portfolio; however, it will not ring well with the recruiter. Unless of course, it is tastefully shot and tells a story! Your portfolio needs to sing for you, tell a story that shows how creative you can be. While certain content may bode well on social media, it won’t cut it for your media recruiter.

3. Grammar matters

Do you think Grammar is outdated? Think again! Refrain from using social media lingos in your resume and application. Also, check for grammatical errors. There are plenty of online tools which will do the job for you. Feel free to use them to make your CV look good. Also, try and answer the questions recruiters have in order to provide full information about yourself. Also, it is better to include a cover letter which gives a brief synopsis of your interests, key skills and recent responsibilities.

For instance, MyFox8 has a direct email id for accepting internship proposals. Include a cover letter and start with a greeting. You can start with, “Hi Lori. Good morning. Hope you are doing well”, before proceeding with the rest.

4. Stay updated and be in sync with the times

There is a reason that schools emphasize on quizzes. If you want to be in the media, you have to stay updated. That means equal expertise about viral Tik Tok content and Christopher Nolan alike. You need to be well-aware of what’s going on around you, the latest political situations, bills, climate change, trending videos, changing cultures, everything. Creativity and content require context and this is where your knowledge comes in handy. Thus, you should do yourself a favor and pick up a book, or the newspaper. It’s better late than never.

5. Soak in inspiration

The best way to land an internship is to find inspiration in the goal. Read up on those who have already made it, their lives, the tips that they have to offer. Dig up, watch YouTube videos or talk to someone you know. MyFox8 has an amazing set of people working with them. You can find them on the News Team page. There is the inspiration you need!

Recent job postings at MyFox8

Wondering about the types of job openings at MyFox8? Well, this has got you covered. Know more about the kind of skillsets your coveted employer is looking for:

Weekend Anchor or Reporter

Got a knack for communicating with strangers? MyFox8 has just the post for you- the weekend anchor. You have to be active; there is no scope for just sitting around and reading out of prompted scripts. Moreover, you will be directly involved in finding the report, making phone calls, helping to write and most importantly, collaborating with the producer and desk on coverage.


So, you are the creative one in the group, the one brimming with energy, the organized one. If you have Monica-like skills and the talent for being a go-to reporter in the newsroom, MMJ is the job for you. The social bee, you will also be responsible for social media enhancement and catapulting the site to the top.

National Sales Manager

The smooth talker and go-getter, you are the one MyFox8 wants as their National Sales Manager. You will be responsible for all FOX 8 sales activity and budget management. Assists in training, development of sales executives, establishing positive relationships with major clients, this job will keep your hands full.

To know more about the recent job openings on MyFox8, keep following this page for regular updates. Oh, and remember to brush up on your skills while you are at it.


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