In this article, we will discuss the secret tips to get more Instagram engagement. I have interviewed more than 3000 people who raised from ashes and became famous on Instagram. They have shared many tips that they follow on Instagram. I have summarised all the hidden secrets of those 3000+ people I interviewed. But there is always an easy way to buy real instagram likes and boost your authority without wasting time.

  • Post unique content or images.

The first impression is always important it shows your attitude, so try to post something different and unique things which grab more attention by visitors of your profile, if your creativity is unique so you will get attention from which convert into fans they follow you for your content.

Some tips to make attractive Instagram profile:

  • Be positive when you write your bio
  • Mention your location
  • Add real things about you don’t be fake
  • Use Instagram filters and post high-quality images
  • Always make positive comments on others’ posts.
  • Post consistency 

It is o important to be consistent on Instagram, you should have a habit to post regularly. It’s not a tough task or not a big deal you have to maintain your consistency on Instagram if you need Instagram likes, consistency of your post engages followers that you are active and maintaining your profile positively. By this way, you will get more Instagram likes and more Instagram followers, people mostly follow those accounts which are active and having creative content. If you are not able to maintain your consistency at Instagram, people unfollow you, your fan following will decrease so be careful and start engaging your fans by doing consistent post.

Post regularly, spend some time on Instagram to make like and positive comments on others post so they will give a reply of your likes and comments.

  • Timing to post on Instagram

Post timing matters a lot, so post when maximum numbers of Instagram users are active it increases chances to get a huge number of likes. 

So, share your post on Instagram when most of the followers are active, you can upload a creative post, but you didn’t get like because of not considering the proper timing of the post.

Post in the morning (8-10 am) or evening (7-11 pm), it will increase your reach on Instagram, and you will get more Instagram likes as compared to post on improper time, like early morning or midnight.

Post middle of the day(2-5 pm) when people get bored at the workplace and start surfing on the web.

  • Use hashtag

Hashtag is a great way to get more Instagram likes and your Instagram post seen by maximum users who are not following your profile, hashtag searches help you are seen by various active users.No need to add more hashtag but you can use popular and more searched hashtags on Instagram.use hashtag which is related to your content and you can also use hashtag on your stories.look some popular hashtag of your location and see who’s on top.

It is a great way to engage new followers and get more instagram likes and connect people they are close to you.

Here is a list of some common and mostly searched hashtag which you can use when you post on Instagram.

  • Tagging

Tagging and mention your specific location help you get Instagram likes from a specific location your nearby users. Similar as hashtag tagging also works on the same way.

  • Link share on other social accounts.

Link your Instagram account with other social media accounts such as Facebook, Reddit, Twitter. Share your Instagram post from that social media sites too it also helps to increase your reach and get a huge number of Instagram likes, by this way you can get profile traffic and generate extra likes and can also share your post on your blogs it is also a better way to get Instagram likes.

  • Buy real instagram likes

Buy Instagram likes having many benefits as it increases your exposure if you need a huge number of likes and followers on Instagram on other social media sites so purchasing is the best option for you.this will help you to increase your business exposure or personal profile.

For real Instagram likes you have to get an idea about which website is legit that can provide you real Instagram likes-such as Buytruefollowers a trusted website to buy Instagram likes and it will give you complete satisfaction and also having money-back policy if any of their customers are not satisfied so you can try this for getting real Instagram likes.


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