Just moved somewhere new? How to choose your new dentist


If you’ve recently moved to a new home, perhaps prompted by an exciting new job offer, the opportunity to start afresh or something else entirely, you’ve probably got a lot on your plate right now. However, spare some time here and there to look for a new dentist.

This is crucial because were a dental emergency to strike, you wouldn’t want to realize you are still registered to a dentist dozens of miles away. Here’s what to ask as you seek a new dentist locally…

Who does your current dentist recommend?

Sure, there are plenty of dentists around, but finding the right dentist can be much easier said than done. For this reason, it’d be wise to start by soliciting advice from the dentist with whom you are currently registered, as they could refer you to a new professional where you now live.

Your current dentist might even be part of a chain of dental clinics, one of which just happens to be in your new locality. Therefore, switching to that new clinic could be fairly straightforward. 

How easily would you be able to get to the dentist?

Colgate urges you to choose a dentist near your home or workplace. Ignoring this advice could unnecessarily throw obstacles in your way when you want to attend an appointment at short notice or, indeed, receive emergency attention, as Verywell Health points out.

Therefore, when considering a particular dental office, look up its opening times, making sure that they align with when you are likely to want to attend appointments. 

Which areas of dental expertise do you need?

Another reason to be picky regarding your choice of dentist is that not all dentists are the same when it comes to their qualifications, services, and areas of expertise. For example, for your children, you might want to seek a pediatric dentist who knows how to put nervous kids at ease. 

There’s nothing wrong with asking a dentist directly about their professional qualifications. If that practitioner seems evasive with their answers, though, consider looking for another dentist. 

How would you pay for your dental treatment?


Exactly how much you pay for your treatment could depend on the practice and, naturally, the treatment itself. If the clinic has a website, this can be a good source of pricing information, but there’s also the matter of how, not just how much, you would pay. 

If you have dental insurance, check that the dentist would accept it. You might find that they accept a range of payment methods, including credit cards and payment plans. 

What emergency care is available?

Obviously, we don’t need to spell out why this is an important question for you to answer! Whether a dental emergency strikes during the clinic’s office hours or a night or weekend, your chosen dentist – or an appropriate substitute – should remain easy to contact right around the clock. 

If you’re London-based, for example, consider how you could arrange to receive emergency treatment from dentists in Balham, Clapham or Wandsworth.


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