Your Complete Guide to Getting Married In Vegas

getting married in vegas

You and your partner have been brainstorming for months, searching for the best place to get married.

Getting married in Vegas is a popular place to tie the knot. Around 120,000 people get married there every year – that’s nearly 300 every day!

If you’re excited about a Vegas wedding but aren’t sure where to start, we’ve got your back. Here’s everything you must know about a Vegas wedding!

When to Get Married in Vegas

As you’re getting married in Las Vegas, it’s essential you’re there at the right time.

You could marry on Valentine’s Day, February 14th. In 2018, 1,000 happy couples flocked to Las Vegas on Valentine’s Day to marry in the US’s marriage capital. New Year’s Eve is also popular, why not make your marriage a double celebration?

But note that there are annual events in Las Vegas that may clash with your wedding weekend. For example, Viva Las Vegas takes place in mid-April, Def Con is in August, and the National Rodeo Finals are in December.

Step 1: You Must Be Eligible to Marry in Nevada

Before you get married in Vegas, you must consider your age. Both of you have to be at least 18-years old. Minors, aged 17, can marry with the consent of one parent or legal guardian.

You also can’t be nearer in kinship than second cousins, otherwise, there’s a high-risk of incest charges. Also, both parties must have no other spouses otherwise they can face bigamy charges.

Although you don’t have to be Nevada resident, couples need proof of a Social Security Number and proof of birth (e.g. birth certificate). Nevada doesn’t ask for a blood test nor a waiting period, and marriages are recognized nationally and internationally.

Step 2: Apply for a Marriage License

As you’re getting married in Vegas, head to the Clark County Marriage Bureau at 201 E. Clark Avenue in Las Vegas. They issue marriage licenses daily, from 8 AM to 12 AM, and even on holidays.

Nevada is lenient so you can easily get a license without the wait for a fee. Other offices in Clark County include Henderson at 240 S. Water Street, open Wednesday and Thursday between 8.30 AM and 5 PM. Note they’re closed from 12 PM to 1 PM and on holidays.

Another option is the Laughlin office at 101 Civic Way, open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 10.30 AM to 4:30 PM. They’re closed from 12:30 PM to 1 PM and on holidays.

Plan to spend 10 minutes in the Marriage Bureau to get a license and it costs $77. If you’re in a rush, fill out the paperwork online in advance. Once you get the license, it’s only valid in Nevada, so you can get married in the state.

Step 3: Know the Nitty-Gritty of a Las Vegas Marriage

The best way to get married in Las Vegas is to grab your future partner, friends, and find your dream location.

You’ll need at least one witness to the wedding ceremony (if you don’t have anyone, most wedding venues can supply one). You must then recite your own vows.

After the ceremony, the officiant has ten days to file the wedding paperwork with the Clark County clerk. The officiant must have a Certificate of Permission to Perform Marriages issued by a County Clerk from the State of Nevada.

Don’t worry, as most venues have authorized officiants to streamline the process. If you’re hiring an out-of-state officiant, they need prior authorization to perform a wedding ceremony in Nevada.

Step 4: Tie the Knot!

Now you know how to get married in Las Vegas, it’s time for the fun bit!

You can elope in a charming wedding chapel on the strip or host a semi-formal wedding. There are many indoor and outdoor venue options to align with whatever type of celebration you hope to host.

Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas’ iconic hotel, is renowned world-wide and a great spot to tie the knot. There are three indoor chapels (maximum capacity is 196), and two garden settings where you can invite 128 of your loved ones.

If Caesar’s Palace isn’t for you, there are incredible wedding packages so you have a day to remember. This is great because you can customize the package so it aligns with your vision and guarantees your guests a great time.

Las Vegas packages include:

  • Access to the bridal suite before the ceremony
  • Las Vegas photographer provided
  • Rose wedding bouquet
  • Music
  • Access to Las Vegas event planners

As a couple, you’ll also get access to the banquet room and champagne toast to commemorate the wedding.

And once you’ve tied the knot, the ultimate post-reception party is to head to the strip or catch Diana Ross or Christina Aguilera at their Las Vegas residencies.

Step 5: Get Your Marriage Certified

Certified marriage certificates are important for many reasons, such as changing one’s name and filing for taxes.

To change one’s name, you’ll need to get a new social security card, followed by a new driver’s license or state-issued ID. When the name has been changed, you must inform your:

  • Current employer
  • Bank
  • Insurance company
  • Voter registration
  • Mortgage or rental company

If you’re an international couple, you may need an Apostille alongside a marriage certificate to register the marriage in a foreign country.

When Are You Getting Married In Vegas?

Getting married in Vegas ensures you’ll have an unforgettable wedding. The Sierra Mountains in the backdrop, the glitzy strip, and many stunning hotels offer incredible wedding packages to ensure you and your loved ones have a great day.

All you have to worry about are licenses, a beautiful gown, and your unique vows. Good luck!

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