Avoid These 7 Common Mistakes While Using LED Grow Lights


Have you started growing plants indoors? Or started using LED grow lights to provide for the absence of sunlight? Or is it your first time using an external light source for your plants?

Whatever the reason may be, read this article to avoid the most common mistakes beginners usually make when using LED grow lights. 

  1. Overheating The Plants

Too much of anything is not good, the same applies to plants. Giving your plants too much heat and for a longer time causes heat stress for the plants and if neglected can result in the plant’s death. The signs of an overheated plant are the drooping and curling of its leaves or leaves turning brown and yellow. 

You can cool down your plant from heat stress by providing it ventilation or by switching on the air-conditioner in your grow room.

  1. Underheating The Plants 

Providing insufficient light to the plants also causes problems. To avoid this mistake, consider your scale of operations by determining the number of plants you want to grow under LED grow lights in order to purchase sufficient lights and be aware of the lumens produced by the lights.

  1. Improper Light Distance

Placing the grow lights too close or too far-away also results in irregular heating of the plants. You should keep changing the height of your grow lights as the plant grows. The height at which you installed your LED grow lights, in the beginning, may not be right for your plant after a few weeks or months as they grow taller and wider, so keep changing the light and plant positions as needed. 

  1. Using Low-Quality Products

LED grow lights are a huge investment and they provide your indoor plants with simulated photosynthesis which is necessary for their nourishment and if you use bad or inferior quality of grow lights, it will result in bad quality of plants. Therefore, use the best quality lights which produce a full spectrum of light, if you are looking for the best LED grow lights, you can start here.

  1. Inaccurate Spectrum Of Light

Many beginners fail to understand that a plant may require different light settings at different stages of its growth. You cannot provide the plant with the same light setting you started it with after a few months, doing so will hinder its growth. Different kinds of plants require different light settings, so be informed about that too.

  1. Over-Watering The Plants

This problem is faced by plant owners who’ve shifted from HIDs to LEDs. The HID grow lights produce a lot of heat and infrared lights which dries the plant and soil quickly and requires you to water it frequently. ButLED grows lights produce comparatively fewer infrared lights and heat so you won’t have to water the plants as much as you used to.

  1. Not Maintaining The Grow Lights

Another very simple step is to take care of and maintain your LED grow lights, which many beginners seem to neglect. You spend so much of your money on the LED grow lights so your plants can receive simulated photosynthesis which is needed for their healthy growth, but without proper care, all of your efforts become a waste.

The simple maintenance tips such as keeping the lights away from moisture and any water source or making sure the power outlet is not overloaded with too many devices to prevent short-circuit, can go a long way for the proper functioning of your LED grow lights.

In conclusion, just utilizing LED grow lights is not enough to ensure the healthy growth of your indoor plants, but having sufficient knowledge about its uses, maintenance, quality, and negative effects is also equally important. Avoiding the above 7 common mistakes will also guarantee the effective utilization of your grow lights.



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