10 Tips To Select A Perfect Wedding Venue


From the time we are young, we envision our wedding day in extreme detail. We know what dress, what decorations, even what the flowers will smell like. It is the one day that all of our dreams could literally come true. That is because the wedding is the one event where practically every detail is entirely up to us. So, when it comes to choosing a wedding venue, the sky is pretty much the limit. 

That said, choosing the perfect venue is not as easy as getting a fit guarantee from your local tailor or dressmaker. With so many possibilities, you can find yourself in something as simple as a country barn or a destination wedding on a tropical island beach. Below are ten tips to help you decide on the perfect venue for your special day.

1. Choose The General Location First

Before you start running all over to find the perfect location, think about the general area where you want to have it. It could be in your hometown or it could be in a centrally located place convenient for all your guests. This will narrow down the possible options for the actual venue.

2. Decide On The Number Of Guests

This way you won’t find yourself looking at venues that are too small or too large. You will be able to pick the perfect atmosphere that will reflect the right ambiance where everyone will be comfortable. Start with a guest list so that you can list the venues that will be able to fill all of your needs.

3. What Is Your Vision

Think about the overall aesthetic of your venue. If it’s traditional, you’ll want to look at ballrooms, restaurants, or event halls. But if your vision is more in line with Mother Nature, you might want to look at gardens, parks, seaside or other outdoor possible options.

4. Decide On A Budget

Before you start looking at venues, know how much money you have to spend on the space, catering and the wedding music. Expect to spend about half of your budget on the venue and the catering services. If you’re planning on footing the entire bill yourself, then go for what you want but if others will be contributing financially, it is important to discuss this with them as it will take up a significant amount of the budget.

5. Estimate How Much You’ll Be Involved

If you’re thinking about a unique wedding location – something off the beaten path – think about how much work and elbow grease you want to put into it. If it is not a location usually set aside for weddings, there may be a lot of labor-intensive work involved. Decide early on if you’re going to have the time to overhaul the location or to hire someone to do it. 

6. Think About Your Guests

Your location should also be convenient for your guests. If you’re expecting a lot of out of town guests, you might want your venue to be close to or in the hotel where they will be staying. 

7. Determine the Details

If it will be held outdoors, what accommodations will you need to protect from unexpected weather, the kind of atmosphere you want to display, and where the caterer will set up. 

8. The Date

Your wedding date will also play a role in which venue you will get. It helps to be a little flexible here as it can make this decision go much smoother. Keep in mind that off-season bookings are easier to secure than during peak times of the year.

9. Go With Authenticity

When you begin your search, you will find lots of possibilities for venues, but you want this to represent who you really are so if the vibe doesn’t feel right, pass on it. You want to stay true to yourselves and have a venue that can reflect the authentic you. 

10. Parking

Parking for your guests, caterers, entertainment, and others will become a major issue. Look at options that have adequate areas for parking so that everyone will be accommodated. 

Finding the perfect wedding venue is not always easy. In fact, it can be overwhelming at times, but if you take these simple tips to heart, it will simplify the process of choosing the best place for you to celebrate a whole new life together.


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