Choosing The Right Gear To Meet Your HIIT Goals

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HIIT is possibly one of the most publicized fitness training methods, having been hailed as the number three fitness trend of 2019 by the ACSM. After dominating the 2010s, it looks like this fitness movement will go even further this decade. If you’re one of those who are looking to get into HIIT, read on.

The Upper Body

The upper body, which includes the arms, shoulders, and upper back, is perhaps the area of your body that needs to be trained most consistently. This is because for most people, these muscles find the least use in everyday life, and the least-used muscles are the ones most prone to atrophy. For beginners new to HIIT, the best equipment to get for the upper body is a versatile piece of gear that can train most if not all the muscle groups in it.

A battle rope is perfect for this purpose because there’s a wide range of things you can do with it. You can slam it to the ground, whip up a storm with it and wave it around, giving your upper body a functional workout. If training ropes aren’t available or just aren’t your style, good alternatives would be slam balls, kettlebells, or even rowing machines if you have access to them.

The Core Muscles

Power bags are the new it-thing when it comes to HIIT core workouts these days. These heavy sacks have just the perfect shape and weight and resistance bands distribution to make your entire core pitch in with lifting it. Power bags can also be added to lunges, squats, and push-ups for some added resistance to your training. To add some movement variety, you can also purchase the Ab wheel. The roll-out motion it provides is invaluable for strengthening your core for more intense HIIT workouts, according to Emerge Fitness. Another good supplement is the classic Swiss Ball with its myriad workouts.

The Lower Body

Treadmills and exercise bikes are solid first choices for the lower body if you can shell out the cash. It’s best to find some that offer multiple resistance levels to ensure you don’t outgrow them. If you’re looking for a budget option, even those compact exercise bikes that go underneath office desks can work for beginners, so long as they have more than one resistance level. For those who want something more lightweight, ankle weights and resistance bands are also great options.

The best exercise equipment for beginners are those that can help boost your performance with plenty of room to grow. Luckily, such equipment can be found at a great price from the right stores. Not to mention, the quality will go a long way throughout your HIIT journey.


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