Hardwood 101: How to Protect Wood Floors

how to protect hardwood floors
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Over 50% of homebuyers will pay more for hardwood flooring.

There is no denying the appeal of a hardwood floor. If people are willing to pay more for it then it must be worth protecting. A hardwood floor in good condition can even be a selling point in a home.

Here’s how to protect hardwood floors. Getting you the most out of your flooring!

What Is a Hardwood Floor?

A floor that is considered to be hardwood is made 100% from natural wood. Most people go for popular options like Maple, Cherry, and Oak trees.

Hardwood is a great choice for durability and resale value but is susceptible to moisture damage.

How to Protect Hardwood Floors

Hardwood can be damaged if exposed to moisture. The hardwood is therefore not recommended in high moisture areas. They are not recommended in bathrooms for fear of issues.

The liberal use of area rugs and runners will help to protect any hardwood floor from damage. It is also advisable that mats be used for shoes and coats.

A hardwood floor comes with a small polyurethane coat on top of the wood for protection. Over time this film will begin to wear and disappear.

A light sanding and reapplication of polyurethane will ensure your floor continues to look it’s very best!

It’s important that any furniture has protection on the bottom of it. The use of Caster, felt pads and rugs all minimize any effects to the hardwood floor.

The best way to ensure your floor is looking its’ best is to sweep and mop regularly.

If mopping, be sure to avoid any cleaners containing ammonia, vinegar, wax, polish, or oil. These cleaners could cause problems when refinishing your floor.

By sweeping and mopping you will ensure that nothing can get stuck or lodged in between your beautiful wood floor.

Scratched? Fix-It!

Hardwood floors have the unique ability to be fixed relatively easily. For small fixes, it is as easy as sanding and adding polyurethane.

Dents can also be fixed by using a wax brush. The wax brush will fill in the hole in the hardwood flooring.

After cleaning off the excess apply the topcoat and your floor will once again look good as new!

Stand the Test of Time

Some things continue to last.

Wood flooring is just as popular today as it was in the 1800s when it was done out of necessity. A majority of real estate agents remarked that it is easier to sell a home with hardwood flooring in it.

Hardwood floors are not just beautiful, they are a great investment.

Next time you are wondering, how to protect hardwood floors? Remember this and keep your hardwood floors looking timeless, for years to come!

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