The Future of Crypto Is Female

Future of Crypto Is Female

For centuries now, women have had to struggle to carve an identity for themselves and make themselves heard. They have had several shoes to fill in and be of service to other people without much scope of catching breath for themselves. As a result, their potential and talent have always been undermined. Things gradually changed, however, not without much bloodshed and gore. Struggles, battles, and movements led by women deluged the surface of the planet that would eventually bring this underrated breed of homo sapiens in the light of acknowledgment. When you think about it, it is said that when one half of the human race had all the privileges since their birth, the other half had to push hard to earn similar privileges. However, things are better for women now, and they have been taking on the world with their elegant and confident strides. You can find them dominating every sphere of life- finance, arts, science and household alike. The walls of the kitchen are no longer potent enough to hold these fierce souls as they continue to tear into the unexplored corners of the world with panache. 

Now, talking about exploring the unexplored, the space of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology still give rise to apprehensions and speculations. They might have shown tremendous growth and potential over the last decade, but talk about them in a room full of erudite people, and you shall never fail to find a few twitching their eyebrows. In scenarios as such, what the cryptocurrency and blockchain require is a Midas touch. And who better than the ones who have a history of iron will and sheer determination. Therefore, without any further ado, let us see why cryptocurrencies and blockchain require the presence of more women in their shared space. The future of crypto is female and here are a few reasons to get you thinking about the same.

Women Are Articulate Beings, and Cryptocurrency Needs It:

We do not mean to generalize, but there is no refuting the fact that most women are born with this innate capacity of reading the pulse of a situation and acting accordingly. Also, most of them are blessed with articulation which is a quality known to spur things and people into action. Cryptocurrency is a domain that needs this quality, given the kind of volatility it is impregnated with. People need to be persuaded to invest in one or more cryptocurrencies despite the risks associated with space, and there is no one better than a woman who knows what her job is. 

Cryptocurrency Needs Women To Instill A Sense of Community In Its Domain:

Cryptocurrency and blockchain have been around for only twelve years now, and there is still a long way to go before it can make it into the mainstream. Thus, a sense of shared community is required to further its cause. Women are great leaders and community builders. They can get an entire team together, irrespective of the differences in opinions and imbibe a sense of community in people. This is something that needs to be explored more if the crypto space is to make progress in leaps and bounds. 

Women Have the Ability To Push the Boundaries of Diversity:

The domain of cryptocurrency might have been pushing their limits and soaring the skies of uncharted success, but it is still lagging a few notches when it comes to diversity. Diversity is a pressing issue and scholars are of the view that there is a severe lack of representation in several sectors, especially in the domain of cryptocurrency. But including more women in the area can fill in for the gaps in diversity. Women from all walks of life and every corner of the world have been pushing the limits of diversity and engaging top talent that is more diversified in nature. This makes for more inclusivity and flexibility in the domain, which shall only prove to be an add-on if anything. 

If you have been thinking about how the responsibility of testing the limits of diversity falls upon women, here is what you must ponder on. Women have been known to be more inclusive and empathetic, even when they have serious business on their minds. Therefore, with them occupying the topmost positions in the crypto space, one can be sure that they shall leave the doors open for talent from all around the globe, and not be biased in the process. This shall help in adding new features to the blockchain with the massive pool of talent and add a modern edge to the crypto space.  

Crypto Needs To Mine The Natural PR Talents of Women:

Again, it might be wrong to generalize and bracket every woman as one, but it is what it is. Women, or at least most of them, have a natural knack for Public Relations. They have it deeply embedded in their bones. They know what to say and where to say precisely. Cryptocurrency is still a new thing compared to other forms of currency and banking. Therefore, it could massively gain from the social media skills and PR skills of women to further its cause. For instance, you might have to persuade people to use a certain payment gateway like Flexipay over others. It pays really well to have someone with excellent persuasion skills do the job for you and women are really great at it.


The discussion proves how we could all use the talents of women in helping the crypto space propel towards taking gigantic leaps of success. Women might not have been given their due credit for a long time now. And to clear things, just in case you were wondering, things might look different for them, but there is still a lot to achieve. Women have been dominating every sphere of life for quite some time now. And it is time we acknowledge how they could bring in a fresh air of change in the spectrum of cryptocurrency and blockchain too. 



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