How Can You Buy Skin Allergy Dog Food?

Allergy Dog Food

If your vet has advised that your dog has a skin allergy and its likely due to their diet then you have probably been trying to find skin allergy dog food, but have struggled to find any dog food that is labelled as skin allergy dog food.  Well actually what you’re looking for is hypoallergenic dog food.  

Hypoallergenic dog food eliminates the main allergens from the ingredients list, so that your dog is no longer exposed to them and you will likely see a massive improvement in their health including the clearing up of their skin condition, once you eliminate the allergen through switching to hypoallergenic dog food.

What Is Different About Skin Allergy Dog Food?

So what exactly is eliminated from hypoallergenic dog food?  Couldn’t you just buy a regular dog food that doesn’t have that ingredient in it?  Well actually it can be hard for your vet to exactly identify the food that is irritating your dog.  Because dogs don’t take well to rapid change in their diet it is hard to eliminate an ingredient through testing, and even if you did, you don’t have much control over what is in a dog food recipe unless you’re willing to make it yourself.

But there are five main ingredients that most dogs who have allergic reactions are allergic or intolerant towards.  These main five ingredients are wheat gluten, corn, chicken, soy and potato. So hypoallergenic dog food eliminates these major allergens from the recipe.  If you look at the ingredients list of most other dog food you will likely find at least two of these allergens in the recipe.  Hypoallergenic dog food also eliminates chemicals from the recipe such as preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, as these can also induce intolerances in many dogs.

How To Introduce Hypoallergenic Dog Food Into Their Diet

As mentioned earlier dogs don’t like an overnight switch to a new food, they will likely not eat a new food put in front of them and for a few days may totally refuse to eat it.  If they do eat they will have a physiological reversion to it, often vomiting and having bouts of diarrhea and flatulence. Therefore it’s important to introduce a new food slowly over several weeks by mix it, a bit more of it each week, with their old dog food until you have phased out their regular food and they have all hypoallergenic dog food in their bowl.

What Results Should You See From Switching to Hypoallergenic Dog Food?

Within a couple of months of switching to hypoallergenic dog food you should notice that your dog’s skin condition has cleared up, you have eliminated the intolerance.  You will likely see other benefits to their all-round health as well, they will have a shinier coat, shed less, have more energy and their digestive function will be greatly improved, with less diarrhea, flatulence, bloating, sickness and bad breath.

Actually most dogs would benefit from a switch to hypoallergenic dog food.


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