Improve Your Outdoor Space with Swimming Pool Resurfacing

swmming pool

When it comes to outdoor updates, a lot of pool owners look right over the giant beacon in the middle of their yard that could make a significant impact on the look and feel of their outdoor space. Giving your swimming pool a little TLC is an easy way to update and refresh your backyard, even if you don’t have a big budget. Swimming pool resurfacing is designed for fiberglass and concrete in-ground pools that need a little pick-me-up. 

Resurfacing Fibreglass

Fiberglass resists ground shifts better than some materials, which makes it an ideal choice for resurfacing. The process begins by filling in cracks, reinforcing weak spots, and sanding any chips or rough spots. Once the cracks, chips, and other issues have been repaired, resin and fiberglass coatings will be applied and sanded, one at a time. Then, a topcoat will be applied to seal everything. The top sealant can be applied in up to three coats and comes in a selection of textures and colours to create the perfect finish. 

Resurfacing Concrete

Concrete is a little trickier to work with, but it can still be done. Economically speaking, plaster will be your best choice for resurfacing materials. While products are sold offering DIY application, it’s still best to rely on a trained professional to resurface your swimming pool, no matter what materials you’re using. That will guarantee the best results and ensure that your money is well spent. 

Professional resurfacing starts with chipping or sandblasting the pool shell, to remove any old plaster or other fillers. Once the concrete is fully exposed, a bonding coat is used to create adhesion for the plaster. That is followed by a coat or two of fresh plaster, which can be coloured to your liking to match your outdoor décor or make a statement.

Quartz and pebble are mixed with plaster to create a more durable product that is less resistant to water and chemical damage. Quartz will create a smooth, sparkling surface, while pebble-based plasters will create a river rock-like feeling. Pebble blends are also known for being more stain-resistant and chemical-resistant than other techniques or materials. 

Wrapping Up

Resurfacing your pool can breathe new life into your outdoor space and give you many more years of enjoyment. Now that you understand more about each process, you will be able to upgrade your pool in no time at all. Just remember to rely on specialists like these swimming pool resurfacing experts in Perth for the best results. 


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