Eye of Horus: the classic slot machine of ancient gods

eye of hours

The Falcon-headed Horus was one of the most significant gods in ancient Egypt. Horus updates your free gaming tablet with beetles and other ancient symbols on your way to the golden eye of Horus.

Eye of Horus is an online slot machine with an extremely classic appearance, so don’t expect grandiose features from it. The money winnings are low, despite a very wide range of bets and can climb quite high. However, the Egyptian gods this casino game with their own hand, and it is some exotic symbols of beetles, Egyptian gods and other classic attributes that illustrate the scrolls.

Eye of Horus design

The Eye of Horus slot machine consists of 5 rollers, 3 rows, and 10 pay lines. This enigmatic Merkur game is based on the legends of ancient Egypt and the secrets that hide its mysterious pyramids. (kaieteurnewsonline)

The symbols that the player can find in this game are pharaohs, gods, the mythical eye of Horus and even hieroglyphics of the time. Its design and graphic quality are incredible, with very real images and incomparable sound effects.

Eye of Horus will guarantee the player hours and hours of fun accompanied by attractive bonuses and many prizes. The theoretical return to the player (RTP) of 96.31%.

Playing Eye of Horus

The Eye of Horus slot features a Wild or wild symbol, represented by the image of the God Horus. This can replace all other symbols on the rollers, except the Scatter, to help the player generate winning combinations.

It also has a Scatter symbol that is represented by the image of the pyramid. When the player obtains 3 or more of these symbols, regardless of the position in which they appear, he will win a bonus of 12 free spins. During these free spins, the player will be able to get more additional free spins for each time a Wild symbol appears. When the Wild symbol appears once, the player will get a free spin; If it appears twice, the player will win 3 free spins. And if the wild card appears 3 times the player will get 5 free spins and so on.

Merkur games have a particular and innovative feature, and they give the player the opportunity to participate in an additional bonus round. In Eye of Horus, the player can bet the winnings obtained in a card game called Risiko, or in a ladder game. In the card game, the player can double his money by Online Cricket Betting ID on whether the card that comes out will be black or red. If he wins, he can continue playing; If you do not succeed, you will lose the money wagered. As for the game of the ladder, the player must press the button that allows him to continue climbing and thus be closer to winning the game.

Eye of Horus slot

As for Eye of Horus Slot bets, these range between £0.01 and £100 and the chips vary in value from £0.01 to £10. Therefore the maximum number of chips that can be wagered per spin is 10 and the maximum chip pot that the player can win is 5,000 chips.

This fantastic slot of Merkur, although it is simple and does not have a progressive jackpot, can be very fun and generate good profits for the player. If you are a beginner player or with a limited budget, visit kerching to play Eye of Horus. 


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