Benefits of Earning a College Degree

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That’s the question that most people ask themselves when figuring how to get the best possible future of their investments. It is a valid concern and something that should be answered on a case by case basis. A higher salary is probably the immediate thing that comes to mind when considering this, but a better payment is just one among the many other benefits of higher education. Let’s explore them now. 

Do college graduates make more money?

As expected, yes, having a college degree typically means taking home a bigger salary. Let’s take a look at some actual figures. 

According to a report provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, having a bachelor’s degree translates into an average of $60,996 per year, as opposed to $37,024 for those with just a high-school diploma. We are talking about a 60% increase here. Not bad at all.

This is even more relevant if you think about how having a better salary impacts someone’s life over the course of several years. The impact a higher salary has on the quality of life becomes even more significant. 

A higher chance of landing a job with better benefits

Salary is not the only thing that makes a good job. For many people, the benefits a job has to offer are often what makes a position attractive over the others, even more so than the salary itself. The perks vary greatly from job to job and between companies, but those positions that require having a degree are often associated with a higher level of security and better benefits, not only for the worker, but for their families as well. 

College is great for networking

Unless you are settling for a job that requires only a high-school diploma, skipping college often means that you are taking the entrepreneurial path. A bold move. Yet, as both independent professionals and entrepreneurs alike know: Networking is essential for growth. And for those planning to be employees, having a network of relevant contact often means the difference between finding the right job, or not. College communities are the perfect environment to build a professional network from early in life. Doing so will have a tremendous impact on an individual’s ability to secure a job opportunity down the road. 

If you do get into college, make sure networking become one of your priorities since the beginning. Socializing, and having side projects such as starting a write my paper online business, are great ways of meeting productive people, while showing off your worth and potential. 

What having a degree signals to companies

Having a degree speaks not only of someone’s knowledge and competence in a particular field or industry. With the independence of the type of degree someone goes for, having it means proof of being a committed and responsible individual. So even if someone goes freelance, the degree itself is a marketing asset that speaks of someone’s reliability and life experience. Generally speaking, the fact of having a degree alone, automatically puts you above a big chunk of the competition. 

Going through college will make you a more articulated person

Going through college will most likely make you a noticeably more intelligent person. You’ll be smarter and it will have an impact on whatever is you are going to take part of. Going through college develops communication skills, critical and logical thinking. 

Life satisfaction and happiness

The college experience itself, and the sense of achievement that comes with getting a degree are also important factors to consider. At the end of the day, it all depends on what a person wants for his or her life. Going through college ensures having the opportunity to be exposed to life experiences of great potential in many senses. You’ll know great people, develop yourself as a person, and have something to be proud of for the rest of your life. Consider this when planning out your future. 


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