The essentialist’s home gym workout equipment guide


Going into the new year, the idea of starting a home workout routine is becoming more and more popular. And for great reason. 

Getting in quick and effective workouts at home makes staying consistent almost convenient. Plus, you really don’t need all of the things that these expensive gym memberships provide. 

In reality, there is only about X pieces of equipment you really need in order to have a fantastic home workout. 

Let’s jump right into it. 

Your first set of kettlebells

The first piece of equipment you are going to want to invest in is a set of kettlebells. 

Kettlebells allow you to do almost every movement or exercise you could need to do, plus a few special ones that you can’t really do with anything else. Plus, all the movements favor healthy, functional, movement patterns.

For men, it is suggested to start with pairs of 16kg, 24kg, and 32 kg kettlebells, while women are suggested to start with pairs of 12kg, 16kg, and 24kg. Check out this guide when shopping.

With just these pieces you can get an incredibly effective workout. Doing everything from renegade rows to target your back and chest, squats and swings to build your lower body, overhead presses to develop great shoulders, and Turkish get-ups to develop full-body strength, endurance, and athleticism. .

A good pair of workout shoes

The second piece of equipment you should consider investing in is the proper footwear. This is probably the most overlooked aspect of workout equipment, but the most important. Your connection to the ground is where you draw all of your energy in 90% of movements. What is between your feet and the ground determines how effectively you can do that. 

You may feel drawn to paying top dollar for “the best shoe” because if your going to spend money, you are better off spending a little more to get better quality, right? Well, a recent study showed that that may not be the case. Expensive shoe brands like Vivobarefoot actually ranked towards the bottom in user ratings amongst workout shoes. 

Look for shoes that have flat soles, minimal cushion, and that feel comfortable for you to perform the movements in. 

Pull up and dips wall mount systems

The third piece of equipment is a wall mount system that allows you to do pull ups and dips. These are really the only two remaining movements you aren’t able to do with just kettlebells. Investing in wall mount will allow for you to do just about anything you need workout wise, with minimal space required.

The best part is, when you start being able to master bodyweight pull ups and dips, you can invest in a simple belt that allows you to attach weights to yourself, like your kettlebells. Allowing you to continue to develop these movements by just adding weights. 

Row, row, row your back, aggressively on this machine

Many people still desire to have some form of cardio machine in their house. While many will opt for a treadmill or a bicycle, the acts of biking or running should be left outside, because being outside has it’s own host of benefits. 

For a machine to include in your house, nothing is better than the benefits of a rowing machine. That’s because it is a full body cardio, endurance, and strength workout that requires your body to work in unison. 

So not only does it build you up as an athlete but it also encourages healthy and functional movement patterns, as well as coordination. 

2020: Your fittest year yet

That’s it. That is really all you need to have for a 2020 where you conquer your fitness goals like never before. All from the comfort of your own home.

Start by picking up your first piece of equipment and actively using it. If you can stay consistent with using that first piece for a month, then you can allow yourself to invest in the second piece. Ensuring you are getting maximum benefit for your investment, rather than throwing money at the issue in hopes of getting fit by osmosis. 



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