Interior Design On a Budget: 9 Top Ways to Make Your Home Look Amazing

interior design on a budget

It’s no secret that, if asked, many homeowners would say that they’re unhappy with the current appearance of their home. But 76% of homeowners would rather work with their own space than look for something new!

However, revamping your space can get expensive. And it’s nearly impossible to do it without breaking the bank, right?

Not necessarily! In fact, if you’re one of the 76% and on a budget, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a list of the 9 best tips for interior design on a budget, so you can get the home of your dreams without going into debt.

Now then, let’s get started!

1. Organize and Decrease Clutter

Before spending a dime, the very first step you need to make is to clear out all of the clutter from your home. Whether that be organizing your belongings or selling what you can and giving the rest away, decluttering is an essential step in making your home look new.

Think about it, have you ever seen a luxury home full of junk and clutter? Probably not. A neat and tidy home is a high-end home. Just be sure that you keep up with cleaning and organizing regularly so that all your hard work doesn’t go to waste.

2. Repurpose Items Already You Own

After you’ve decluttered your home, it’s time to go shopping. Not in any store, but in your own belongings. As you’re going through each room, make a mental or physical inventory of all of your furniture and decorations.

A little shuffling between rooms goes a long way.

And, depending on how cluttered your home was, you may own quite a few things you had no idea you had! The perfect centerpiece for your coffee table could be hidden in a closet or garage, waiting for you to find it.

3. A Splash of Paint Can Bring New Life

Paint is an indispensable tool when redecorating your home. Because it can not only be used to repaint the walls of a room but can create a brand new kitchen or bathroom by painting cabinets.

You can also throw a coat of black or other darker color paint on the interior doors of your home to give it that expensive feel – and better hide any scuffs from pets or kids! If you’re stuck or unsure of which color or style is best, check out Hometown Values Savings Magazine for some useful tips!

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Thrift

Second-hand stores, consignment shops, and even estate sales can feel intimidating at first but can be well worth the hunt. In fact, this type of shopping is a great way to get quality items at an incredible discount. And, if you or a family member are handy, you can refinish or reupholster anything that is close to what you’re looking for but doesn’t quite match your style.

If this type of bargain hunting just isn’t your style, you can find deals elsewhere, but be wary. It’s better to spend a little more money and have something that will last a lifetime than buy a cheap piece that will fall apart in a year or two, forcing you to buy again.

5. Window Treatments

Picture a grand, luxurious home in your mind. One of the things that you probably imagine, without even realizing it, is window treatments. This can be elegant flowing drapes, bamboo shades, or simple wooden blinds, but if you want that finished look, your windows need love too.

Like furniture, you want to make sure you buy something that looks extravagant, even if it isn’t. Wooden blinds, for example, are much more aesthetically pleasing than plastic. And if you’re going with drapes, the type of material you purchase makes a difference. Try to go with natural materials, such as silk or linen, as man-made fabrics often have a flimsy, cheap appearance.

6. Let There Be Light

If you’ve never considered the lighting in your house, look around. You’ll likely notice that you have very basic, contractor installed lighting fixtures. These can be swapped for a few designer (or at least designer appearing) fixtures to give any room a facelift.

This is where estate sales and flea markets come in handy.

You can often find a unique, sometimes even antique, lamp or chandelier at an extremely discounted price. Lighting is particularly important in living areas, such as living and dining rooms. But a gorgeous chandelier above the bed can take your master bedroom to the next level.

7. Don’t Forget to Accessorize

Accessorizing is important, but comes with a major caveat.

A few well-placed accessories can take your home from drab to fab, but overdo it and your space becomes a cluttered mess fast. Remember, less is more. Organization and cleanliness is key, and if your accessories are overwhelming, it may be better to take it back a notch or two rather than add more.

However, if your home is looking sparse, a beautiful ceramic bowl, a plant here and there (which can also improve your health!), and the perfect nicknack or two will give a put-together appearance. Don’t be afraid to put a few of your favorite books on a side table or a few figurines on a shelf. It’s your house, it should represent you!

8. Mix Patterns and Textures

This is where shopping in your own home can be useful. By mixing patterns and textures, perhaps by shifting a few throw pillows or even larger pieces of furniture throughout your home, you can create a completely new vibe and add depth to your design.

If you’re looking for a soft, cozy feel, go with muted patterns. But if you’re bold and bright, a few metallic accents and a splash of shine will give a modern, eye-catching impression.

9. Decorate Your Walls

If you have solid colored or muted furniture, make the walls of the room the centerpiece! By using a fun patterned wallpaper or painting an accent wall, you can make the room look beautifully decorated in one step.

Now, if your couch is brightly colored or you don’t want to paint or wallpaper, adding decor to the walls is a great alternative. Hang a large mirror by the entryway, for example, or a piece of artwork that fits the character of your home above the mantle.

The best part is, you don’t even have to put holes in your wall to do so. A few hanging strips and you’re done!

Upgrade Your Home: Interior Design on a Budget

Well, there you have it! By implementing any, or all, of these tips for interior design on a budget, you can make the home of your dreams without moving or spending an enormous amount of your hard-earned money.

Remember, keeping your home tidy and decluttered is a must. Try rearranging your furniture before making any large purchases, and when you do go shopping, check out thrift stores and estate sales first, you never know what you might find!

Looking for more home design tips? Check out the rest of our blog!


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