5 Easy to Achieve Christmas Decor Ideas


Christmas comes once in a year, and there’s no staying back from making it even more special than it already is. When it comes to Christmas decor, budget is primarily the determining factor. Hence, we are in total favour of easy-to-achieve and rather inexpensive ways of decorating your house for the festive season. Now, the ways we are about to discuss in the post can be a tad tiresome and exhausting as well. However, once you are done with them, you will be amazed to see the kind of vibe it brings to your Christmas decor. In other words, a total praiseworthy effort that not only saves time and money from having to invest in Christmas decor every year (which by all means is a bit impractical). Here’s a rundown of 5 such super easy to achieve Christmas decor ideas that anyone can try this Holiday season. 

Go big on Greenery 


Wreaths and garlands have stood the test of time and are still considered to be one of the most sought after Christmas decor items each year. While you are at it, consider decorating the plants in your garden as well. Consider adding shimmering cones, dried flowers, berry sprigs, and lights. Go heavy on adding ribbons to each piece. They are absolutely lovable little decor element that one can’t afford to miss. While buying ribbons, keep in mind to match it with the color scheme of the year and use it in bountiful across tress, gifts, and ornaments and for just about any creative decor item in your household. In fact, if you plan on stacking up Christmas elements from last year’s decoration, use different colored ribbons everywhere, and that alone can bring forth a whole new feeling to the entire decoration. If you are looking to improvise, you can paint a little amount of white spray over your decorative pieces and also on the leaves of the Christmas tree. Go generous with glitters and let the greenery be seen that will sparkle up the whole setting wonderfully. Put your garlands all over the balcony and hang those new wreaths on the door, and put even more garlands on the fireplace mantel.

Use Oversized Ornaments

Use Oversized Ornaments

While buying ornaments is easy, one can also create his own for the Holiday season. While buying ornaments on this website is easy, one can also create his own for the Holiday season. For the past few years, oversized ornaments have caught up quite a bit of trend in decoration and usually come in the shape of stars and balls mostly. Considering to create such ornaments is also a great way to recycle things like papers, plastic, cartons, and metal that goes into making. After you have crafted ornaments, go ahead and place bulbs inside them to light them up to add a dramatic effect. One of the best things about ornaments is that you can’t just have enough of them! Besides other prominent decor items, ornaments are also great fillers and accents to be used along any surface you like. Go ahead and fill up those urns and punch bowls with a variety of ornaments and glittery balls and finish it with cascading ribbons. You can use ornaments to hang from wreaths and also tie across headboards.

How about a “Green” Snowman


While we advise folks to go big on green, why leave the iconic “Snowman” out? That’s right. A green snowman is one that usually ditches the snow for wreaths. One of the best parts of a green snowman is that it will never melt, and if appropriately preserved, you might as well use it next year. To build a green snowman, you will require at least three different sized wreaths and adequate wood to support the structure. Also, take care to place the snowman on something that has a solid foundation or strong soil as it will add more strength to the wood supporting the wreaths. To make it the center of attraction, place the green snowman against a background that has contrasting colors.

Upgrade those Lanterns


While considering decorating your house in Christmas, lanterns are rather an important element to consider. Lanterns are usually hung in the pathways and corridors to light up space in style. While you choose to bring more innovation to your Christmas decor, adding sophisticated lanterns across the pathway will readily usher in the festive spirit to your surroundings. While it snows outside, it’s probably the best time to make ice lanterns. All you need are some plastic containers and cups along with candles and water, of course. Take the plastic container and place the cup right at the center of it and fill them both with water. Now, leave it to freeze overnight and then take away the cup and the container leaving the ice. Next, place the candle right at the center of the lantern where the cracks start appearing, giving it a marvellous look. For all those who prefer buying and decorating, zinc lanterns are available for purchase along with copper strings which, when hanged, gives the feeling of an old fashioned village house.

Never Go Short on Lights



There is no denying the fact that the spirit of Christmas stays incomplete without lights. No matter how small or big your decoration is, you should always invest in putting up an array of bright lights to display. Start with your garden and put lights all around, and form a line connecting from one plant to another. Next, proceed to decorate your garlands, wreaths, and Christmas trees with bright lights and use clear strings for a naturalistic look. Use a variety of light types like strings, lasers, LEDs, decorative, and use them profusely to light up all dark corners.

So, you see, planning your Christmas decor isn’t that difficult and doesn’t come heavy for your pockets. While there’s always a buy and use option, besides the constraints of budget, self decor puts one’s creative ideas to test for good. Feel free to go outside the norm of traditional decoration, and don’t put your artistic capabilities to stop. 



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