Five best road trip destinations in India


An adventurous soul is easily bored. If you are one of them and if you are tired of the familiarity of your surrounding scenes, you might warm up your engine a little bit to find solace and a tinge of life at new places. And, nothing brings out your passion more than a road trip does. So, put everything behind, and let’s start your engine to find out the most attractive five places in India where you can go on a road trip with your friends, partner, or only with your hungry, naked soul. The most visited and the most voted routes in India to go on a road trip are as follows-

  1. Bandipur National forest to Bangalore:

The distance is a vast 235 kilometers, which roughly takes five hours with short breaks for tea. It is a road that is covered with greenery, and driving along this enchanted road leaves you with nothing but the serenity of mind. You may also catch glimpses of cute little bear cubs, koonki elephants (i.e., the pet elephants) with their mahouts, deer running along with you in the depth of the forest. So, this is the best route to go to Bangalore, or if you are traveling to Ooty from Mysore, you can as well take this road. The lush green forest on both sides of NH766 will mesmerize you. It may be the most charming Indian highway that one can drive on.

  1. Shimla to Manali via Spiti:

Though it is recommended, if you want a convenient, hassle-free, peaceful, and tedious journey to Manali, you should drive through Mandi. However, the route via Spiti is the most adventurous road to take for the bikers and road trip enthusiasts. If you love the journey, if you can fall in love again and again with the brisk mountains on the horizon, if you can listen to the eternal music in the murmur of a rocky river, this is the road that your heart seeks to know. The distance is around 640 kilometers that we are talking about here. It may take 17 to 18 hours to drive to Manali. This long journey will take you to the mountains of Kinnaur district, to the picturesque valleys of Kalpa, intricate ice-laden passes around Sangla valley. If you have a few hours to spare, you can as well hit places like Nako, Tabo, Kaza, Chango, Ropa. These higher altitude places are collectively called the “mini Ladakh” area of Himachal Pradesh. The rugged nature of these places can make you fall for its unyielding coarseness.

  1. Chennai to Munnar:

Naturally, Chennai is a warm place. But, if you want to feel the chill in the air in Chennai, you can paddle your own canoe to take NH79 to reach Munnar. This trip may take 10 hours. The drive covers almost 600 kilometers from Chennai to the hill station, Munnar. Your weekend can be more exciting by staying at this lovely hill station. The scenery around you gradually changes from the mundane cityscapes to a soothing canopy of greenery. It lies in front of your wheels to welcome you to the kingdom of nature. In addition to the lustrous greenery, you can experience the beauty of fresh tea trees and the slopes of the tea gardens with hundreds of smiling faces of the leaf pickers.

  1. Mumbai to Goa:

What is a more suitable way to wear off the tension from your weary shoulders than to drive up to the beaches of Goa? The drive from Mumbai to Goa takes almost 10 to 11 hours. The six hundred and ten kilometers drive along the NH66 takes you to a world of fun, sand, and sun. You can tan your skin a bit and move your arms with the groovy tune of the place. The infamous road lures you to run to a worry-less travel experience. The trail is dotted with restaurants and other eateries. You can never be too hungry to enjoy during this drive.

  1. Manali to Leh highway:

It is Ladakh that instantly comes to mind when you hear the words road trip, bike riding, journey, nature, adventure, exploration in unison. Though this trip is mentioned last, this is not the least among all. However, this might be the most dangerous. The total distance is 479 kilometers. However, the road is hazardous, so it takes two days to cover. Any word will fail to describe the beauty of the Manali to Leh highway. You must be there to realize the vision of the road. The azure shade of the sky, the harsh landscapes around the way, the unique combination of danger and wonder would strike your mind with awe. The best time to drive up to Leh is from the end of June to the middle of October. You can stay in tents at Kyelang, Bharatpurin, the middle of the drive for acclimatization and rest and food. You can hop on your bike or an open roof jeep to explore the land of Ladakh.

Apart from the obvious ones, there are several other routes that you can drive along to shake your bad days off for a refreshing memory, which are as follow:

  • Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley Mumbai to Pune Expressway
  • Tawang from Guwahati by Road
  • Puri to Konark
  • Chennai to Pondicherry
  • Nathula pass from Gangtok through Tsomgo lake
  • Jaipur to Jaisalmer
  • Delhi to Agra through Yamuna Expressway

The subcontinent of India is filled with the diversified beauty of nature. The definition of beauty differs in every way. But, every form of beauty will satisfy you with its honest charm from Mother Nature. If you have a car or bike with a full tank gas, a weekend, and a thirsty soul, nothing can stop you from exploring the enchantment of Indian hills and valleys. The most straightforward tunes of nature can be therapeutic for a weary soul.

So, wake up and start your engine!

The roads that should be taken!


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