Elevator Shoes for Diabetic Individuals

elevator shoes

World health statistics reveal that diabetes affects about 470 million people in the world. This number is definitely higher if you take into account that some people live with the condition without knowing their full health status. Additionally, the number increases every year. Diabetes comes along with other health conditions including eye disease, kidney disease, foot problems and neuropathy, which is nerve damage that causes pain and numbness.

Diabetic people often experience neuropathy in the feet and legs, which leads to extreme pain and numbness in the affected areas. Such individuals tend to avoid walking for long periods or doing physical exercises in order to avoid pain. However, walking and physical exercises actually offer relief to some of the symptoms of neuropathy hence these individuals are actually doing a disservice to themselves by avoiding these activities.

The solution to encouraging diabetic individuals to take up physical activity is to provide them with comfortable shoes that will cushion the feet, enhance motion, and provide maximum comfort.

Stylish and functional elevation

GuidoMaggi elevator shoes for men are made with the wearer’s comfort in mind. As such, we use quality material and designs that will enhance comfort and safety as you are wearing our raised shoes. Elevator shoes for diabetic individuals have a soft raised insole that cushions the fit when one is walking. The raised nature of the shoes provides support to the arches of the feet, which reduces pressure on the feet.

Elevator shoes are often larger than normal shoes owing to the fact that the insole takes up a lot of space in the interior of the shoes. As such, the outer shoe needs to be bigger than usual in order to comfortably accommodate the insole without making the shoe awkward or making the feet hand awkwardly at the brim of the shoes. The large nature of elevator shoes creates a lot of interior space in the shoes hence providing enough wiggle room for feet. Diabetic individuals require loose-fitting shoes to avoid exertion of pressure on the feet and to avoid the occurrence of blisters arising from friction between the feet and the shoes.

GuidoMaggi height increasing shoes have an outer sole made with an ergonomic design that increases foot mobility and enhances the ease of motion in the feet. The outer sole makes it easy for an individual to walk by providing a spring to their spring, which means they use little effort in walking and physical exercises. Additionally, the shoes allow the circulation of air in the interior, which prevents the occurrence of trauma and ulcers on the feet when the shoes are in use.

Raised shoes enhance safety to the wearer by providing support when one is performing activities and improving posture. The shoes cushion the feet accordingly and distribute the wearer’s weight evenly across the raised surface. This ensures that an individual avoids injuries during physical activities, which is an ideal factor for diabetic individuals who experience poor healing process when they get hurt.

Normal orthopedic shoes often come in boring and unsightly designs that make it hard for the wearer to rock them every day. With GuidoMaggi elevator shoes, diabetic individuals are spoilt for choice with a wide variety of styles and options available in our catalog. As such, you can buy raised shoes for every occasion and weather, which will work perfectly well all your outfits. As such, you will not have to choose between compromising your health or fashion sense when rocking any pair of GuidoMaggi raised shoes.


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