Considerations During A Kitchen Redesign

kitchen redesign

With so many amazing new kitchen brands popping up, along with innovative new designs, we thought we’d highlight some of the considerations you need to make to ensure your kitchen redesign is the best it can possibly be. 

The Stone Age Is Back

When it comes to redesigning your kitchen, nothing has the ability to make an impact quite like a kitchen worktop and for kitchen worktops in 2020, stone is officially back. Whether it’s 100% natural stone such as granite or had a little man-made helping hand like quartz, a huge slab of stone in the kitchen is the way forward. Having a stone worktop in your home offers unmissable luxury and guarantees to give your kitchen next-level status. It’s also worth noting that those with larger kitchens could benefit from one of the biggest new trends – double islands. With stone worktop joining them, they create a U shape area in the middle of your kitchen and offer a real statement piece. When space is no object, this is the perfect way to go and with the help of The Only Way Is Granite you can ensure the very best, whether you’re looking for a small area of worktop or a whole Island full.

At The Only Way Is Granite, they specialise in granite and quartz worktops, two of the most popular and might we add, durable kitchen worktop materials out there. They’re both low maintenance and long lasting, each offering their own qualities in looks and functionality. The team at The Only Way Is Granite are known for working with you to bring your vision to life. Just a quick glimpse in their online gallery shows you they’ve done exactly that time and time again. For more information on the kitchen worktop of your dreams, contact The Only Way Is Granite today on 01277 800 023.

Minimalism And A Pop Of Colour

The latest contemporary designs are all about minimalism and free flowing spaces. Technology has advanced so much that we don’t even require handles to open doors now and when it comes to your kitchen cupboards, this is hugely on trend. Just a simple push-open and close door means we can say goodbye to handles in all wall and base cabinets. This instantly gives a kitchen a facelift, providing a sleek appeal, allowing the eye to focus solely on the cabinet material, shape and finish. Handleless will definitely be one of the biggest trends for 2020 and is certainly something to consider in your next kitchen redesign.

Handless design isn’t the only focus in terms of cabinetry however as colour pop makes a huge comeback. Many experts, including those at Matter Designs in Essex, are telling you to throw the rule book out of the window and enjoy a pop of colour throughout your kitchen space. Think unexpected colour pairings or like many try, a striking contrast of colour on cabinetry on your island compared to a softer, more neutral colour throughout the rest of your kitchen. 

At Matter Designs, you can benefit from the expert eye showing you how you can achieve the latest trend whether you want a modern, traditional or contemporary looking kitchen. With quality products and expert project management, you can trust Matter Designs to keep you in safe hands throughout the whole process. Contact them today on 01268 833836.

Cupboards Of Dreams And Walnut Wonders

Following on from a free flow design, we bring you in-built cupboards. Larder love is big right now.  Otherwise known as pantries, larders are fast becoming a kitchen staple that’s needed in just about every home. While they may have only recently established themselves as a kitchen must-have, they make perfect sense. Not only do in-built larders allow for that minimal, free flow design we all want to achieve but they provide a huge amount of practicality too. 


Larders keep all of your food in one place. Instead of different items being scattered about, you can enjoy having everything kept neatly in the one cupboard. Believe it or not it also helps keep you organised in terms of doing the food shop as you no longer need to go through every cupboard to see what’s needed and what’s not. 

At Andrew Nicolas Interiors, they have been providing bespoke kitchen design in Essex for a number of years, creating in-built larders to make your kitchen not only look amazing but function to the best of it’s ability too. They’ve seen a huge increase in popularity for this particular design and expect it to continue well into 2020. 

That’s not all they expect to be seeing a lot more of in the coming months either. Walnut is set to make a huge comeback. For those looking to renovate their entire kitchen, walnut could well be on the list. The rich, dark colours and fine grains offer a natural warmth. Whether you choose to have it across the entire kitchen or perhaps a simple addition for your kitchen island against a more neutral wall cabinet, the choice is yours but at Andrew Nicolas Interiors, they feel it’s well worth the consideration. To get in touch with these incredible kitchen designers in Essex, contact them today via 01245 697552.

Marvel At Marble

Last but most certainly not least, marble is making a huge comeback – or in the very least, the marble appearance. While we’d all love to enjoy having a huge slab of marble in our kitchens, but having the budget to cover such a huge expense can be difficult. Just because you can’t afford marble however doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the look. At Total Tops, worktop installation specialists, they offer an incredible range of worktops in a range of materials. From Corian to Minerva and even Compact Laminate, you can achieve the marble appearance at a fraction of the cost. 

Marble really is storming the charts, quite literally shaking up interiors and you can now do it too with a range of different marble effect worktops to choose from. At Total Tops, you can rest assured that your kitchen will be treated with the individuality it deserves as they supply and fit bespoke kitchen worktops throughout Essex, London, Suffolk, Norfolk and the whole of the South Of England. Not only will you benefit from a range of materials and finishes but you’ll also benefit from having your kitchen worktop fitted by one of the best teams in the UK. Total Tops pride themselves on amazing materials and a quality finish every time. So if you’d like to marvel at marble in your new kitchen, get in touch with Total Tops today via 01787 844 663. 


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