Best Place to Meet Women According to Their Preference

Best place to meet women

In an era of online dating, where people starting knowing each other virtually, it is very important to prepare for the first meet. If you’re new to online dating or you’re about to meet someone (who you’ve been talking to) for the first time, you’d need tips. Here, we will give you a list of the best place to meet women. The list includes places where you can take your date according to what you both like and prefer. These will not only help you make her comfortable but also leave a meaningful impression.

Best place to meet women for the first time

Check out the list of the best place to meet women to find out where you could meet your date for the first time:

1. Clubs or bars

It is pretty obvious that a club or bar can set your mood right. When online dating wasn’t a thing, what was the best place to meet women anyway? Night clubs, right? Bars and clubs have plenty of women coming over. While many of them come with their partners, many of them also come with their girl squad.

If you’re looking for a woman to date, out of online dating, you can still rely on clubs and bars. These are the ideal places when you can find your match if you’re also someone who likes to party. However, if you’re not someone who doesn’t go to a club or bar, you could be uncomfortable to make your way through an introduction!

2. Café

The second best place to meet women after night clubs is coffee shops or cafes. The approach towards this one is not just sophisticated but also romantic. If you’re more of a coffee person instead of a party animal, choose this one instead.

You must consider the type of place your date would want to meet you. If you think coffee shops are more like her thing, you should always give it a shot. Cafés give you an atmosphere best suitable for talking. You can go undisturbed from loud music and have your complete focus on what the woman is telling you.

3. Art night

Are you or your date culturally inclined? Do you keep talking about books, movies, and philosophies? If yes, you can go out on art nights and discover each other’s thoughts. You can simply walk around to explore what the local art community is doing.

Many people, who aren’t dating online, also try to be in such a place to meet someone likeminded. They look for that vibe where they can instantly click. A place like an art lane will have lots of women, with either their friends or alone. You can also approach them and be playful and light. How you make it click is what you need to discover. But there sure will be plenty of women who you’d want to speak to.

4. Book stores

How about book stores that also have a café instead? You’d have the best time discussing the books you love to read and sip your favorite coffee too. The best place to meet women for you can be a book store if you spend significant time reading. You might discover the genres both of you prefer and the best authors you like to read. Although it might sound geeky, someone who reads books will definitely have a lot to share.

5. Walking down a lane

If you aren’t specific about where both of you want to meet for the first time, you can always choose a landmark. Once you meet there, you start talking and take a walk towards where your feet take you.

Someone who loves to stroll or is active might like walking around. It can be an unexplored place or the most known roads. But it brings in a different sense of closeness and passion. Of course, you have to be a complete delight, when there isn’t any prop to help you out. For example, when you go out to eat or drink coffee or even appreciate art, there is something that keeps up the connection. Here, you’d have to play it all on your own but it definitely gives you a space to crack through a woman’s heart.

Best place to meet women for regular dates

Once you start dating and meeting the person you like, the dilemma on where to meet doesn’t end. Here, is a list of the best place to meet women once you start meeting them more often:

1. Cooking classes

If either one of you cooks well you can teach the other one or help them out at a cooking class. If neither of you knows how to cook, you need to figure out the basics of what goes behind preparing food.

Cooking classes can be a fun place to interact and challenge each other. Moreover, if you’re in a stage where you want to take things ahead, you need to know who can help out in cooking! There is a different connection that couples have when it comes to the kitchen. You need to explore that too and try something new.

If one of you plans to come over to each other’s house in order to cook, that can be even better. It can make the entire approach romantic and lead to an evening you’d never forget.

2. Shopping

In 2019, most men agree that their interests in shopping are no less than women. If both of you share a mutual interest in this aspect, you can always go out shopping. It is one of the ideal ways to know your date better and also explore their style sense.

Many times, other people can help us figure out what to wear and what not to. If either of you has a good style sense, you can not only help yourself but also tell each other what would look best. If you think twinning is too early for a date, you can always save that for later!

3. At a park

Most of us think that couples go to a park to spend some time alone and away from the hustle and bustle of city life. But active people have a different take on this one. If you’re into fitness and your date takes interest in it too, you both can meet at a park. It might not look romantic but it is one of the most refreshing ways to connect with someone who thinks alike.

4. At a concert

Just the way food connects people, concerts can do the same. For example, if you have the same taste in music, you might want to go to a concert together. You can also like different genres but want to know what it is to enjoy what the other person does.

Shows, concerts, and music festivals are perfect places to get social. You can also meet new people here. So, if you don’t already have a date and you’re looking for a place to meet someone, you can always try this one.

5. Wine tasting

If you share a mutual interest in wine or you don’t mind tagging along with your date who loves wine, this one can totally help. It is even better for men who have a knack of wine and can help their date familiarize themselves with different kinds of wine. It not only creates an impression but also shows that their interests matter to you.

6. Go hiking

Millennials are a lot about traveling and many of them like to go off-beat. If you discover that travel is one place you click, you can plan a hiking trip. A girl you just started dating might not be comfortable with weekend trips. A day trip that lets you both hike and spend time is better than planning anything that extends longer.

7. Cycling together

Long drives aren’t overrated, but cycling together is definitely more fun. You have your own vehicles to make your way and you keep exploring new roads come what may! Cycling is not only a fun activity that makes your journey fun and entertaining, but it also keeps you healthy and happy. There is a certain sense of happiness and freedom, but it gets even better when you have someone to enjoy it with.

8. Spiritual activities

Someone who is spiritual and regular to their place of worship will have a different sense of respect towards religions. Mutual acceptance has a lot to do with what each other believe and practice. If you want to take your date ahead, you might want to introduce her to things that are important to you. If she understands that spiritual activities are important for you, she might also be eager to go and attend a fellowship service with you.

Things to consider when looking for a date

You might have been single for a long time or have never dated anyone yet. There are some things you’d still have to keep in mind because they’re important and valuable:

1. There has to be a vibe

You can connect with someone instantly or not connect with someone after months of dating. There is always a vibe that works or doesn’t work when it comes to dating. No matter what is your initial driving force, if you don’t click it just doesn’t work.

2. You have to put in efforts

When things don’t click and you want to still make it work, your efforts are the only thing that can help. When you really like someone and you want to be liked by them too, you put in efforts that make them realize that you’re special.

3. You have to prioritize what they like

There are times when we have to take steps because it makes someone else happy, even if that doesn’t make us happy. For example, your date might like bowling while you don’t. But there can be times when you give up on things you want to do and do things she wants to do. Of course, you must also get the same back in return.

4. Chivalry is important

No one can teach men chivalry, but everyone knows why it is important. Your actions and behavior reflect your morals and they define you. It makes a woman realize how you really are and you must understand why you should respect to be respected back.

5. You can vibe without the differences

Your date can belong to a completely different culture, background, taste, and have a huge age difference too. It doesn’t matter when you two vibe and let her connect to you anyway. There are many couples who learn from each other and accept their differences. There is nothing wrong with being different or liking someone who doesn’t come from the same culture as you do.

6. Understand where it is leading

In a world of dating apps and hookups, it is very difficult to understand what people expect out of each other. When you’re dating someone, you should know what you expect and what the other person expects too. If both of you happen to be on the same page, you guys can take it ahead, the way you want. But if you’re not on the same page, make sure neither of you is in a situation to force each other into doing something.

Final thoughts

There isn’t any rocket science behind the concept of dating. You just have to be open to what’s coming your way and how you need to go about it. Take one step at a time and be open to rejections. When the time is right and you meet the person, who is meant for you, you will connect with her anyway. Give it time and don’t rush into hookups. They might satisfy you for a while, but don’t give you anything lasting – probably not even good memories.

It is time you start choosing among the best places to meet singles and make your way towards new friendships and bonds.


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