5 Benefits of Installing a Corrugated Metal Roof

5 Benefits of Installing a Corrugated Metal Roof

Roofing repairs and replacements aren’t cheap. The average cost of a new roof can cost up to $50,000!

Thankfully, not all roofing materials are so expensive. Corrugated metal, for instance, is one option that can save homeowners significant sums of money on their rooves.

Even better, its advantages don’t stop there! Interested in learning more?

Keep reading to learn about 5 further benefits of corrugated metal roofing.

1. No Color Limits

First thing’s first:


Homeowners will be pleased to hear that metal roofs come in a wide array of colors. There’s an option for everyone, regardless of personal preference or the current style of a property.

The range of colors on offer are virtually unlimited. Better still, the paint that’s applied to the metal serves as an extra layer of protection against the elements.

2. No Weakness

Corrugated roof decking, whether it’s galvanized aluminum or steel, is strong and hardy by nature.

Unlike other materials, it’s built to last. Being a metal product, for instance, corrugated roofing won’t rot as a result of time and inclement weather.

Some maintenance will be required to keep it performing at 100%. However, you can rest assured that the structural integrity of it will remain in place for decades to come.

3. No Rust

Corrugated metal once had a bad reputation.

It was known for its propensity to rust and discolor as time went by. These days, though, that’s less of an issue.

As manufacturing techniques and protective coatings have improved, so has the quality of the product. The galvanized nature of the corrugated sheets means rust is no longer an issue.

Assuming you’re diligent with its maintenance, your roof will continue to look as good as new.

4. No Bugs

Say goodbye to bugs being a problem with your roof too.

Imagine a wooden roof coming under attack from termites. Being so far out of the way, these egregious insects could eat away the roofing structures without you knowing a thing.

The damage they can cause is a frightening prospect. However, corrugated metal suffers no such hardship. You can live in peace, knowing that insects are less likely to cause trouble above your head.

5. No (or Less) Fire Trouble

The same goes for fire.

Metal is resistant to flames, which is more good news for any homeowner.

It goes without saying that fires can cause untold damage to any house. Any additional fire protection is a mighty attribute.

This might be a particular benefit to properties situated in wildfire danger zones.

With fires in the vicinity, it’s of extra importance to have adequate defenses against them. Installing a metal roof ahead of time can make a significant difference.

Enjoy Your Corrugated Metal Roof

Installing a new roof isn’t cheap.

However, there are definite ways to cut the costs involved. Choosing corrugated metal as your roofing material is one way to do it!

Furthermore, its additional advantages make this metal a prime roofing choice in its own right.

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