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“The prospect of buying a used car puts us on a quest to find a vehicle which you would unearth and at the same time, it would present itself at the right moment.”

Is the selection process a question of knowledge and skills on the show? Do you require expert assistance? Have you bought a used car before? All these questions have a common agenda: Technical knowledge and information on various old and new models. You should follow a strategy. We have put together some of the critical aspects to buy used car for first-time or returning owners.

  1. Buying from a Seller or Dealer

Every family eyes a specific model or brand of cars. The requirement would further decide whether you would buy it from a certified pre-owned dealer or seller. The certified pre-owned vehicles (CPOs) are popular among a section of society. These vehicles are tested, certified by both dealers and manufacturers. How about a new warranty? With CPOs, you get complete assurance of mind. The price factor may influence the decision-making powers. These vehicles are usually expensive to what used-cars cost. The luxury and feel of driving an almost new car are worth the extra price.  

Buying a used car from a seller has its benefits. People buy from a seller when they know the seller or vehicle is available at an attractive price. Buying a car from a seller is a time-consuming process. You need to have patience while going through endless models. Those who’ve got an urgent requirement and put peace of mind ahead prefer buying a used car from a dealer. It serves a purpose, and they can save both time and money.  

  1. Draw a Narrow Budget Line, Scale to Buy the Right Model

Keeping a low budget would set the expectations right. The budget is a result of the planning you have done for months. You’ve got a strategy, and you need to stick to it. There’s no point in putting extra cash aside when you know you can get a better deal at the same price. Why would you want to create doubt in your mind and become indecisive at a crucial juncture? It may ruin your investment and dream of buying the right car. When you do business with a dealer, you don’t have to act edgy or irrationally. Buying an old car from a dealer means quality. You wouldn’t want to jeopardize the deal for no reason at all. 

Buyers need to take a precautionary approach when dealing with a seller. It’s the time when their recently-acquired knowledge would come to the rescue. The golden rule is to go with a certified dealer and ensure you can enjoy peaceful days ahead driving your car.  

  1. CARFAX Report and Blemishes Uncovered

Buyers should ask for a CARFAX report. The naked eye may not be able to pick aesthetic work done on interiors or exteriors. The detailed report would scan the car from inside and outside. You would have information on the number of accidents, repair work the vehicle had in the past. Buyers get an upper edge in negotiating price if the car was involved in an accident and repair work was done extensively.  

Buyers have an outside chance to grab a golden deal on a used car. They can bargain for a lower price on a vehicle that underwent a complete makeover after a misfortunate accident. The price could drop like winning a lottery ticket. The report, in such cases, becomes essential. 

  1. Saving Money or Investing Money

Taking an expert professional along to assess the car would help to make an informed decision. Some individuals prefer going alone and buying without taking second opinions. They find it a waste of time and money. They want to take the credit and share the responsibility in both cases. Asking a mechanic to accompany you to the seller’s place wouldn’t harm you much in terms of a service fee. What you get in return is accuracy, assurance, and satisfaction. You can count on their experience and make decisions based on information shared. 

Saving Money or Investing Money

  1. Maintenance Records or Else Break the Deal

The risk-taking ability doesn’t always reward the person. The gut instinct is valuable in cases where you’re comfortable with the situation or accustomed to how things work and pan out. Buying a used car with no knowledge is a tricky prospect. The best you could trust the paperwork. The maintenance records would offer a fair analysis of the vehicle. There’s no reason why you wouldn’t have access to it. The dealers would have it ready in advance. The sellers may play smart by trying to avoid the discussion. You should walk away from the deal in the absence of a maintenance report. Why would someone have a car put on sale without proper documents ready? The intentions aren’t clear. Were they? 

  1. Experiment, Improvise and Get Creative

Buyers have got time on their side. They should bring some form of creativity into play and look for cars outside the budget. There’s no harm in experimenting as you may stumble upon a deal that asks for a little extra investment and rewards with multiple benefits. The certified pre-owned cars offer a realistic chance to explore. The used car warranty dilemma would no longer haunt you. The premium build-quality of luxury cars and feel factor along with a price tag that doesn’t stretch the budget is a dream come true. Buyers should do research and then make their mind.  

The market for used cars is vast, diversified and full of surprises. Buyers need to stay alert of sales tricks to safeguard their investment. Buying a car from a dealer is the safest bet. You get what you expected or planned. Dealing with sellers would test your knowledge and skills. You may find a better model at a low price, but then, there is also a risk of buying the wrong car. The reason we’re buying it for our family, somehow, bring the sixth sense into play.  

Mary Staab is a San Diego based Auto Financing blogger with many year of experience covered with Car sell/buy in San Diego, Financing and trading Autos. She has started her carrier from Auto City in 2010. Auto City only offers the highest-quality used cars for sale at extremely competitive prices. That special combination of quality and affordability ads up to one thing – real value to you, the customer.


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