A Kitchen Safety Guide


While the kitchen is the heart of any home, it can also be a very dangerous place to be. Boiling water, sizzling grease, hot surfaces, and sharp knives all present risks that could cause major injuries, so it stands to reason that lots of people have to go to the ER every year because of incidents in their kitchen. Bearing this in mind, here are some top tips to keep you protected from harm within your own kitchen.

  1. Keep Your Skin Protected

It’s important to keep any exposed skin safe from spills and splashes of fats, hot liquids, and burning foods. When you’re cooking on the hob or pouring boiling water, you could be at a very high risk of burns. It’s quite easy to protect yourself, however. By wearing a protective apron or chef’s jacket, you can cover your arms, body and exposed skin so they’ll be safe from any harm. While you’re considering protecting your skin, you should also think about protecting your hair. Nobody wants hair in their meal, but worse than that, hair can get into a gas burner and set on fire causing serious burns. Keeping your hair up and out of the way is vital, and you can order chef hats directly from ChefWorks.com that will help to keep you safe.

2.Rapid Clean Up

It can be all too easy to splash water, drop fat or spill food while cooking and when this happens, it’s vital to clean up the mess quickly to prevent slips, falls and accidents. Even a small amount of water, liquid or food could cause you to fall, and grease or oil could be especially dangerous.

3.Protect From Fire Hazards

A fire extinguisher is a vital element in any kitchen. Keep it in easy reach of your stove and know how you can use it correctly to keep you safe in the event of an emergency.

  1. Be Wary Of Steam Burns

More than 100,000 people each year need to visit the ER because they’ve been burned by steam. Steam burns are very dangerous and can be a lot more severe than a burn from boiling liquid. If you take the plastic wrapping off microwaved food or take a lid off a pot of hot water, make sure you take care as you could be easily burned.

  1. Be Hygienic

Your kitchen has a lot more bacteria in it than any other room inside your home – even your bathroom! It couldn’t be more important, then, to keep a high level of hygiene so you and your family can be safe. Banishing bacteria can be achieved by using a solution of bleach and water on a regular basis. Clean cutting boards with anti-bacterial sprays each time you use them, wet the sponge after using it and put it in the microwave on high for two minutes to kill the germs, and change and wash dishcloths on a regular basis.

Follow these tips and you can rest assured that your kitchen will stay hygienic and safe at all times.


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