8 Tips That Can Help You Pose For Headshots

A young woman using a DSLR camera

Do you have your headshot session anytime soon? If yes, this article can help you get ready for the session.

Apart from working with an expert of portrait photography, makeup artist, wardrobe stylist, you must be ready with a few poses that can help you make the most of the session and get the best headshots.

Enlisted below are 8 tips that can help you pose for your headshots:

Start With Your Face 

On the day of the shoot, the photographer will ask you to give him a variety of facial expressions. So, you should prepare and rehearse some of them before the shoot.

This may sound a little tiring, but it is not. In fact, practising different facial expressions in front of the mirror will instil confidence in you. It will also help you decide what type of expression and smile looks the best on you.

Let The Eyes Create A Connection 

Keeping the most natural look on your face, talk with your eyes. Eyes can speak volumes about a person’s character; they can narrate a story. So, use this window to your personality, and create a connection with the camera, as well as the audience.

Engage in each and every headshot.

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe

Relax to prepare.

To make sure you have a good posture on the shoot day, do some light exercises regularly. Keep your shoulders and back straight, relax your body, breath from your diaphragm.

A good posture indicates confidence. Therefore, maintaining a good posture in your headshot is very essential.

Avoid “100 % facing the camera” body position 

Don’t try too hard. Feel relaxed in your posture. Although the photographer will help you with various angles, prepare a few comfortable angles on your own.

Do not look straight into the camera. Slightly shift your entire body weight to one foot. Make sure the camera captures various angles of your face.

Practice Pulling The Chin Forward

The camera adds ten pounds, and twenty when it is right at the eye level. Jokes apart. Sometimes, when the camera is lifted to the eye level, it appears as if you have a little bit of flab underneath your chin (even when you don’t).

Experts of corporate portrait photography say that there must always be an appropriate space between your chin and neck. So, throughout the shoot, you must pull your chin up (just like a turtle) and bing your ears forward.

Even if your position feels a little unnatural, make sure your body is relaxed.

Don’t Lift The Arm

Although your hands and arms won’t appear in the headshots, you must not lift them. Headshots are usually close-ups, that’s why portrait photographers believe that when the hands remain relaxed, the picture looks better.

Hand Placement Is Important

Even if your hands or arms have to appear in a few pictures, you must practice hand placement. No matter where the hands are placed, never make fists with them. Depending on whether they are kept above or below the waist, the fingers should be directed upwards and downwards.

If your hands are inside your pocket, make sure at least one finger or the thumb shows.

Master Your Acting Skills

If you possess some acting skills, now will be the time to use them.

The photographer’s camera is your mirror. So, build a connection. Embrace your character. Let the eyes do the talking. Play. Have Fun!


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