Kitchen Countertops That Will Increase The Value of Your Home

Kitchen Countertops

There are many different types of countertops out there. It pays (literally) to approach selecting a material based on its potential future impacts on your home’s resale value.

In this article, we’ll help you achieve this by running through the various types of countertops that will increase your home’s value substantially.

First: Types of Countertops that Won’t Increase Value

As always, increased home value is a matter of general taste. What you like may not suit all potential future buyers of your home. You can mitigate this risk by sticking to tried-and-true variations of certain materials. However, among the various types of countertops, there’s one that does not increase your home’s value at all.

Laminate Countertops Are Terrible for Increasing Your Home’s Value

Laminate countertops are frequently made to look like wood. But the grain is only on the surface; it lacks depth and will reveal its superficial nature with cracks and wearing.

Even the most premium laminate countertops (which are a very debatable value proposition considering the cost approaches that of much better materials) do not add value to your home.

In fact, depending on your neighbourhood, laminate countertops may actually reduce your bargaining power when it comes to selling your home.

In a lower middle-class neighbourhood, the effects of laminate on your home’s value will be negligible; laminate countertops are understood to be a budget option and people expect that from moderately priced homes.

If you live in a higher-end neighbourhood, however, people expect more in the way of premium materials throughout your house. In a more expensive home, laminate countertops will likely end up costing you money as buyers will attempt to negotiate a lower fee with the understanding that they’ll need to replace the surfaces at some point.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s start looking at the types of countertops that do add value to your home.

Types of Countertops That Add Value to Your Home

Quartz Countertops

It’s worth starting with this one since quartz is by far the most popular countertop material out there today. This is largely because quartz offers the appearance of natural stone without the durability concerns that materials like granite come with. (Sildenafil)

Additionally, quartz countertops come in a wide range of options. You can go more conservative, with quartz countertops that resemble natural stones like marble and granite — or you can get adventurous with designs that are unique to quartz.

No countertop material, including quartz, will raise your home’s value substantially beyond what’s normal for your neighbourhood.

Still, with quartz, you can expect to recoup your expenses when you resell your home. The numbers particularly add up when you consider that they don’t require any costly maintenance like other materials. Click for more info about quartz countertops.

Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are nowhere near as popular today as they were in the 1980s and early 2000s. This is because materials like quartz have given them a run for their money in terms of aesthetics and durability.

Still, granite countertops will add value to your home as people continue to associate them with luxury.

Expect to recoup between 80% and 100% of granite countertops’ upfront cost when you resell your home.

It’s worth pointing out, however, that over the long haul your ownership of granite countertops will cost you money; they need to be resealed annually and refinished altogether occasionally. This can cost thousands.

Still, well-maintained granite countertops shouldn’t be a hindrance as far as getting your house sold.

Marble Countertops

Marble is another one of those countertop materials that is nearly-synonymous with luxury. Even more so than other premium types of countertops, marble may be overkill in a modestly-priced neighbourhood.

Under the right circumstances, however, marble countertops will retain value and return a substantial portion, if not all, of the installation costs when you sell.

As with all other types of natural stone countertops, however, you need to be aware that marble is porous. Maintain a proper seal on marble countertops or you’ll find that they stain with ease and actually hurt your home’s resale value.

Concrete Countertops

While more modest than marble, concrete is another premium material for kitchen countertops that can add value to your home. Concrete’s prevalence in the construction of all modern structures has made it feel like a more accessible material that may attract buyers of even modestly-priced homes.

Like natural stone, however, the key to ensuring that concrete countertops help, not hurt, your home’s resale value is to maintain a proper seal. Concrete is porous; it will stain and crack if you don’t take the proper precautions.


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