Great Isn’t Good Enough! How to Enjoy Sex More

Great Isn't Good Enough! How to Enjoy Sex More

Humans, on average, think about sex 14 times a day. That’s the average between 19 times a day for men and 10 for women.

Data doesn’t show whether or not those thoughts correlate with being more satisfied in bed or not, but that’s an experiment this article can help you carry out on your own. If you’ve ever wondered how you are in bed or how to enjoy sex more, this 5-minute read is for you.

Ready to get jiggy with it? Leave your socks on (we’ll explain why later) and read on.

How to Enjoy Sex More

Enjoying sex is subjective. One person loves what someone else thinks is crude or boring. That said, these tips don’t apply to everyone.

Pick and choose what you try – or try them all! We’ll never know.

Do Some Research

Porn gets a bad reputation, and there are legitimate issues with it. We’re not trying to discount that. You should always pay for porn if you’re going to watch it so that the actors get a fair cut.

But how does watching porn teach you how to enjoy sex more? You can use porn sites, and the categories on them, to discover different sexual acts that you like or want to try.

Just keep in mind that most porn isn’t realistic and talk to your partner before trying anything new.

Knowing what you want in bed and being brave enough to communicate, it will take your sex life from mild to wild.

Don’t want to watch porn? Visiting your local adult toy store can open your eyes to fetish gear or lingerie you didn’t know you needed.

Keep Your Socks On

We teased this before, and we know it sounds strange, but studies show that people orgasm more or better when they keep their socks on during sex. How? It’s all about your blood flow.

Your body has to work to pump blood to your extremities. Think about how far away your feet are from your heart. When you wear socks, it keeps your feet warmer, which means your heart doesn’t have to work as hard to keep your feet at body temperature.

That extra blood is now free to go to your genitals, which will increase your pleasure and give you more to work with (so to speak).

That goes for women as well! To learn what happens when the vagina is aroused, do some quick research.

One word of warning before you use this tip – change your socks! Dirty socks won’t turn on your partner, and in this game, you need two to tango.

Use Lube

The body makes its own lubrication; this is true. But it only does so well enough to have enjoyable sex in perfect conditions. If you’re dehydrated, perimenopausal, or trying to get a quickie in, you need additional lube.

This doesn’t only help you enjoy sex more, but it makes the sex you have healthier for your body. When there’s not enough lube, friction can create little micro-tears in the vagina/anal cavity. Those micro-tears cause you to be sore the next day and put you at a higher risk of contracting a disease, as the tears provide a straight shot for infections into your bloodstream.

That’s one reason they don’t sell spermicide anymore – it was found to be abrasive and cause micro-tears. Using a water-based lubricant is the best way to prevent micro-tears, and along with condoms, lowers your chance of getting a sexually transmitted infection.

Your local sex toy shop, or Amazon, should have a range of lubes for you to choose from. Uber Lube (which has no affiliation with the rideshare company) is a doctor recommended choice available at most retailers.

Stop Thinking About Your To-Do List

Have you ever tried to meditate? If you’re not versed in it, which takes a long time, your thoughts will easily drift to what you just did or what you have to do next.

That’s natural, and it happens to the best meditators, on their off days. But what does that have to do with sex?

Meditation is good for us because it keeps us in the present moment (among other things). Focusing on what’s happening with your body and your partner does the same thing. When you’re concentrating on how good you feel and how good you’re making your partner feel, you’re more likely to orgasm.

So, next time you’re having sex and your eyes drift to that pile of laundry, close them and push it out of your mind. You can get to your clothes later – after you’ve had an earth-shattering O.

Find Your Hotspots

There are so many places on the human body that are sensitive to sensual touch that aren’t the breasts and the genitals. It’s a shame more people don’t know about them. The inside of the wrist is one of those spots – take your finger and stroke it gently right now.

There’s a surprising amount of sensation there, right? When you have a minute to yourself, stroke your body in different places to find the non-sexualized spots that feel great. Then share this information with your partner and encourage them to rub or kiss you there.

It will feel silly at first, but soon enough, it’ll be a routine part of your foreplay and a way to make your partner hot and bothered in public, without doing anything illegal.

Go, Get it On (Like Donkey Kong)

Now that you know how to enjoy sex more, the only thing left to do is find a willing partner. Whether that’s someone you met on Hinge, Tinder or your life partner who’s in the other room.

If you’re nervous about trying any of these tips, you can drop your to-be partner this link as a clear hint.

Picked out which to try first? We hope you have toe-curling results.


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