Italian food tour

Some of us travel for historical places, for recreation, while others seek to learn more about cultures.  I have always loved people and have a keen interest in their behaviors, culture, ways of thinking and values.I personally get to know people through discovering what they eat and the way they eat. So, i always consider food as an important culture within each country, and traditional dishes are the best proof.

Italy has always been a country known for food, cooking, culture, fashion, and many other things.  What generates the passion for the visit? is there fore everyone to get acquainted with this ancient civilization and its own culture. That was the reason why i’ve traveled to the heart of the Roman Empire.

Rome which is full of antiquities dating back to ancient times. Rome, which despite the advancement of time, all the developments and renewal that has happened and still happening in the world, still preserve its traditional character and this is crystal clear through its buildings, food and art.

During my visit, i  was super excited to learn about the best traditional food and places in Rome. So, I booked Two food tours with an international group called Inside at which offers a food walk durates for  Four hours. we started the journey of discovery that I had always dreamed of  from  Andrea della Valle, Passing by Pasticceria De Bellis to give a sip to the unique Italian Caffé and sweet croissants moving to Largo del Pallaro to see the the old Super Enalotto.

Piazza Della Quercia, Palazzo Spada,  Statua di Marte, Palazzo Farnese, Piazza Trilussa where we stopped to taste birra, Via Giulia, Santa Maria in Trast evere. To end the first tour eating Supply  in the centre of Rome.

From a convenient location (Above Vatican and across the Tiber) started our second tour, in  the Prati neighborhood with its high-end shopping street, cool restaurants make it the Roman’s best kept secret. In Prati we went to one of the best Restaurants called Pumma Rewhich was crowded but we were lucky enough to make a pre reservation. Emmmm…!should i tell you about the Pizza we ate there?, Pasta Carbonara?  The service? or The spot itself? OMG!Everything was just perfect the food was delicious but what marks  my world was Pizza and Pasta i was eating like if i have never ate in my life. Only those who tasted the three plates i’ve mentioned, would understand what i’m talking about!

Four hours full of fun, knowledge and visit es to many historical and local places is really priceless. Everyone just don’t hesitate to try this tour. I’m sure you will like it.

Thank you Team Insideat  for the value and the great welcoming you gave to us.

I really hope to meet you again for another italian experience!


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