7 Super-Stylish Date Night Outfits for Men

7 Super-Stylish Date Night Outfits for Men

Are you in serious need of some go-to date night outfits?

Let’s be honest, coming up with men’s date night outfit ideas isn’t always a walk in the park. Do you play it cool and go for something casual? Or, do you go for gold and strive for that formal and unforgettable look?

If you’ve faced this predicament before, this one’s for you. We’re uncovering seven men’s date night outfit ideas for anything from a morning coffee date to a formal dinner date.

Move over jeans and a t-shirt, it’s time to get creative!

1. The Casual Date

A casual date is perfect for anyone meeting their date for the first time. When we consider that 17 percent of all marriages today begin with online dating, it’s easy to see just how often this type of date takes place. When it comes to the casual date, it’s time to put away the suit.

Not only does it help to take the pressure off of how to style your ensemble, but it’s also more fun and simple. After all, it’s easier to feel like your true self when you’re in your everyday clothes.

The goal is to create a style that’s simple and casual without being too laid back. So, rather than light-wash denim, opt for more dark-wash denim. Pair with a high-quality simple tee and stylish sneakers or boots.

Not sure where to start? Companies such as JasperHollandCo.com specialize in quality tee-shirts that are simple, casual and incredibly fashion-forward.

2. The Active Date

Are you looking to break a sweat on your date?

Let’s be honest, planning for an active date can be a serious challenge. Do you play it casual with your usual gym attire or do you opt for something a little less casual and strive toward trendy athleisure?

It’s safe to say that an active date calls for leaving your old gym ware at home. Fortunately, there’s never been a better time to shop for athleisure and it’s never been more in fashion.

When it comes to choosing your trousers, opt for a light cotton jogger. This is often a more snug fit and can come across slightly more dressy. Pair with a simple long-sleeved shirt and even a spring athletic jacket.

3. The Morning Coffee Date

The best part about a morning coffee date is that it is meant to be effortless and easy. The last thing you want to do is overthink your outfit and complicate things. After all, it’s a casual setting and you want the focus to be on the conversation.

One item that every man should have in their casual wardrobe is a great chambray shirt. This is an easy piece that will instantly lift your look into effortless perfection. Try pairing it with a white tee, black jeans, a hat or a beanie and casual sneakers.

No doubt you will make a great first impression with your date!

4. The Evening Date

Here is the chance to amp up your look a bit more!

You want to make sure you’re not overdressed yet still put together enough to show effort and care in your appearance. Try a casual dress shirt, or crew neck sweater with dark denim jeans, or amp it up a notch with a nice blazer.

It’s important not to forget about good footwear. It’s true that one of the first things most people happen to notice are shoes. Take the time to pick out a nice pair of shoes that match your attire, and most importantly give them a good polish prior to leaving for your evening date!

5. The Formal Event Date

When it comes to a formal event, you’re going to want to pull out all the stops.

Whether it’s a Broadway show or an evening at The Opera, this calls for some serious formalwear. For this type of occasion, it’s always best to be overdressed than to be underdressed. Remember, some events have a dress code that you need to abide by. This could be anything from no jeans to required collars or even a black-tie dress code.

If you want to play it safe, opt for a blazer paired with a collared shirt and dress pants. To finish, pair with a solid pair of dress shoes -leather and suede are always fashionable options today.

6. The Meet-The-Family Date

The meet-the-family date can be incredibly intimidating. Not only is there are all sorts of pressure to impress the family, but your style ensemble is going to say a lot about who you are as a person.

Remember, you want your outfit to feel personal and say a lot about you. This is perhaps when you’re going to feel the most unsure as to what to wear.

If the game plan is to remain at home, settle on something more casual and personal. This could be anything from simple trousers and a light button-down to dark denim dress and a crisp white collar.

If you’re going out, you don’t want to risk feeling underdressed. Even if you settle on more casual attire, you’re going to want to have a backup plan. This could be anything from a sport’s jacket to a more formal pair of shoes.

7. The Dinner Date

While dinner dates are rated as the number one most preferred type of date by women, they can be a little unsettling. After all, there’s no denying that dressing for a dinner date can be a little complicated.

After all, the dress code is almost entirely dependant on where you happen to be going for dinner. This is made even more complicated if you’ve not yet been to this spot and taken note as to the typical dress code.

Even if you’ve never been to this restaurant, you can get a feel for the dress code by visiting their website and reviewing their menu. Does the menu serve beer and fried foods? Or, does it specialize in high-class cuts of meat and wine?

With a casual menu, opt for casual attire. Even simple jeans and a fitted shirt are appropriate. If you’re unsure, go for a more casual collar and pair with dark-wash jeans.

With a more high-end menu, you’re always going to want to opt for something more formal. If you’re unsure where to begin, go for your usual workweek attire but with a twist. Start with a collar and dress it up with a formal sport’s coat. To finish, opt for dark jeans, dress pants and a dressed-up shoe or boot.

Men’s Date Night Outfit

When it comes to date night, it’s safe to say that finding a place to eat and drink is the easy part. So, what exactly is the hard part?

Determining what to wear, of course!

Not only do you have to coordinate your outfit to the circumstances of your date, but you also want to present yourself in an outfit that fits your personality. After all, the way that you choose to dress says a lot about who you are as a person.

If you’re in need of some men’s date night outfit ideas, allow this guide to inspire you. Whether you’re opting for something a little more casual for a picnic in the park or something more formal for a Broadway Show, we’ve got you covered.

Go on, it’s time to tend to your wardrobe and coordinate your date night ensemble! Did you enjoy reading this article? If so, be sure to bookmark our website today.


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