10 Tips for Living a More Organic Lifestyle Now

10 Tips for Living a More Organic Lifestyle Now

Everyone wants to live a healthier life. In the past couple of years, it has become more common to adopt certain lifestyles that are believed to improve wellness such as veganism, vegetarianism and plant-based. But one path that is an overall enhancement to any of these choices is living organically.

Choosing a more natural way of life can lead you to become a healthier version of yourself. Keep reading to find out 10 tips for adopting a more organic lifestyle that you can start right away.

1. Grow Your Own Food or Buy From Local Farmer’s Markets

The higher the demand and consumption of food go up, the more inclined sources are to use harmful additives and chemicals to keep up with supply. However, you can avoid pesticides and excess preservatives in your food by growing your own.

Starting your own garden isn’t as much of a difficult task as some people think. You can begin small with just a few herbs, fruits and vegetables and continue to slowly grow it once your skill develops.

If you don’t think your green thumb will ever sprout, there’s also the option of shopping at the local farmers market. Typically the food items sold there is grown from ethical and trustworthy sources.

2. Use All Natural Body/Skincare Products

Living a more organic lifestyle isn’t just about what you put inside of your body. It’s also about what you put in your body. Your skin is the largest organ you have so paying attention to the types of products you use is important.

Check out ingredients before purchasing your bath and body products. Watch out for listings of too many long names that you can barely pronounce and lots of ingredients packed into one product.

A rule of thumb is you should pay close attention to the first couple of ingredients because these are the highest in concentration. If those make you skeptical then it might be best to leave the item on the shelf.

3. Make Your Own Natural Items

Reading ingredient labels can get a bit confusing. It might be best for you to make your own products when you’re looking to switch over to an organic lifestyle.

Experimenting with the DIY route can be fun. Check out wholesale sources where you can buy natural products in bulk. Most of the time you’ll be stocking up on things like oils, butters, essential oils and salts. Some recipes even call for you to use whole foods.

Be sure to do enough research on each ingredient and cross-reference recipes to make and store your items correctly. Check out these books to learn about raw materials that are great for making your own healthy products.

4. Swap Harmful Cleaning Products

Another type of product that can be harmful to your wellbeing are cleaning supplies. When we clean around our homes, offices, or other places, we constantly inhale fumes and even touch the chemicals at times.

Swapping out bigger brand cleaners for companies that are all-natural can add to improving your health.

5. Avoid Processed Foods

Remember we mentioned those toxic additives that sometimes end up in your food? Well, another well to avoid them is to steer clear of too many processed items from the supermarket.

These are typically foods that come in cans, packages, etc. This doesn’t mean that all of the products are harmful. But it is important to pay close attention to what goes into everything you put in your shopping cart.

Try to stick to eating as many whole foods as possible in your diet.

6. Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

Waste and overconsumption of natural resources have been a long-time issue for the planet. But you can do your part just by choosing to live a more organic lifestyle.

Recycling has plenty of benefits for the planet, including preventing pollution, decreasing use of raw natural materials and saving energy. Consider how you can reduce your carbon footprint on your path to a more natural way of living by being conscious of your recycling habits.

7. Purchase Cruelty-Free Beauty/Cosmetics

More brands are adding an element of social responsibility to their manufacturing process. You can now find numerous companies that have cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics.

Cruelty-free means that no animals were used during testing, packaging or formula development. This is important because it decreases unnecessary harm against living creatures.

Choose to spend your dollars with compassionate companies that show they care about eco-friendly options for their products.

8. Practice Minimalism

Sometimes we have a tendency to consume more than we actually need to. Minimalism encourages us to practice living with less of everything.

Getting rid of the excess and unnecessary clutter in our lives can help us be more in-tune with ourselves. It helps us understand why it’s important to take the focus off of being materialistic.

9. Exercise Your Body

If you want to live an organic lifestyle you definitely have to take care of your body. Get moving during the day.

It’s doesn’t matter if you choose to walk, lift weights, dance or practice yoga. Bring balance back into your health and wellness by putting your body to work.

10. Shop For Recyclable Fashion

Did you know there are plenty more things you can recycle in your daily life other than just paper and plastic? The fashion industry has begun to add recycling to its process by reusing and recovering textiles.

Look to support brands that make recyclable fashion. Wearing waste can be fashionable and is way more sustainable.

Ready to Live a More Organic Lifestyle?

Living an organic lifestyle is a goal for many people. And the truth is it doesn’t take massive changes.

You can switch over to a more natural way of living starting with a few small changes. For more tips and tricks on having a healthier life, check out the lifestyle section of our blog on today.


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