10 Ways on How to Decorate with Washi tape

Washi Tape

Decorating is a fun chance to express your personality. There are many ways to decorate any space. Many people have found that Washi tape can be of great use. It’s a terrific product that goes anywhere you go. Take that tape and apply to just about any area of your home. You’ll be delighted at the sudden increase in color everywhere you look.

Add It to Your Door

Add a series of stripes to your door with Washi tape. This will give it a personality that’s unexpected when someone walks inside. Play of the existing colors in the room behind the door. Or, choose entirely new colors and add something that provides the kind of contrast so necessary to make any place interesting.

New Binders

Binders are important to many students. They keep their papers organized when not in use. You can take those plain binders in your home and bring them into the modern world. Use Washi tape across the outside of the binders. Create colorful patterns that will delight the eye and set you apart.

Candle Holders

Nothing says romance like a series of candles in the right places. You can take your own existing candles and give them something unexpected with Washi tape. Place the cheap washi tape across the bottom of the candles. The tape is safe. You’ll protect the base and add something fun at the same time.

The Ceiling Fan

Many ceiling fans are boring and devoid of personality. You can take any fan and bring it to the next level with the use of Washi tape. Take the blades out of the fan or use a really long ladder to reach them. Create a pattern across the blades of the fan with the tape. You’ll get a fun look that brings in pizzazz.

Magnet Fun

magnets are a practical thing to keep on hand. You can take the Washi tape and wrap them across one end of the magnets before using them. This is an ideal way to take any ordinary magnet and coordinate it with the existing colors in your home.

Make Your Own Sign

If you want to celebrate a special occasion, you can do it with the use of this tape. Decide on the kind of message you want to say to someone. Then place that message on the wall with the tape. Give someone a surprise birthday party they’ll remember forever.

Organize Things

Every home needs to be organized. Washi tape makes that process easier. You can apply it to an existing set of clear drawers. Use markers to indicate exactly what’s behind the drawers. Use bright colors to update those otherwise boring drawers and bring them into the modern era. You can use the tape on any surface in your home. This is also a good way to spruce up the garage area.

Personalized Cards

A handwritten note code is a great way to say you really care about someone. Use Washi tape to get your message across. Start with a plain blank piece of paper and an envelope. You can then use the tape in small quantities to create a design that everyone will love. Consider the occasion. For a baby shower, pink and blue are ideal. For a winter event, use darker colors like red and green for maximum effect.

Phone Case

Phone cases are necessary to protect your phone from damage. Washi tape can be used to add the kind of flair everyone loves. Create a design of your own across the case. You can cut the tape into smaller pieces so it fits across one side of your phone case. Or, you can opt for a design that includes both parts of the phone. You’ll have a unified and charming look when you’re done.

Your Cords

People have cords that lead to many different electronics. This can look unsightly. You can add interest to these otherwise boring cords by using lots of different Washi tape. Take the tape and tie it around each cord. (Viagra) Add a set of numbers so they look like racing flags.



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