Top 8 Best Primer for Oily Skin 2019 to Create the Perfect Base

best primer for oily skin

There is a difference between greasy skin and glowing skin. Women who have oily skin know the constant battle that they need to keep up with, in order to not find their makeup melt off. If you have oily skin, you know the struggle too. You might spend hours to get an amazing makeup look, and find yourself turn into a hot mess within an hour or two. The only solution to this is buying the best primer for oily skin 2019. Here, we will give you the list of the best products and also a guide to applying primer.

Why do we need a primer?

If you’re not familiar with what a primer is, you can imagine paint primers that are put on walls. Just the way paint primers are applied in order to grasp the colors well, your skin needs makeup primer to keep the whole thing intact.

You need to apply any of the best primer for oily skin after the basic skincare routine and before applying the foundation. A lot of people confuse the usage of primers and foundations and often think that they’re the same. Foundation and primer are not the same, but some people do skip using the primer. If oily skin is a problem for you or you want to make your makeup last, you will need a primer.

The cosmetic formula of a primer works like silicone – they fill in temporarily. It helps you cover up the textural irregularities like pores, fine lines, and so on. Additionally, the smoothing ingredients give you a silky feeling and help it blend evenly.

If you check the best primer for oily skin reviews, you’d mostly see people commenting on how well their makeup lasted. Primer helps you prep up for the whole thing and evenly distribute the makeup that follows. It evens out problems like oiliness and also soaks up the powdery feel. Thus, a primer not only makes your skin even out but also makes sure that the makeup looks great. Primers also mattify your skin, keep it oil-free, and minimize pores. It just gives you the base for your makeup needed and then you can continue with all the steps that follow.

How to apply primer?

If you’re new to using primers, you will have to first know how to apply. To start with, you must note that it is the one and only time you shouldn’t use a makeup brush. You need to use your fingers to blend it in and warm up the product. You have to allow it to be absorbed into the skin quickly too.

You need to start out by using a pea size on the problem areas like the T-zone. Leave the rest of the skin bare though. To get the best results, you will want to find your primer fully absorbed into the skin before adding foundation. Even if you don’t use makeup, the primer works on making your pores smooth and create a blurry effect. Now, you need to set aside your blotting papers and try any of the undercover miracles instead. That’s how you will be able to apply the best primer.

Best primer for oily skin

You might not get the best primer for oily skin drugstore as these are usually sold by good cosmetic brands. Look online for the products we have mentioned below, so that you get the right one at the right price:

Covergirl Full Spectrum Matte Ambition

The Covergirl primer is a mixture of starch and talc that helps oil from messing up your makeup. It has silicone to hold the face tight and help the makeup last. Apply a good layer of the primer on the face or on the spots where you need to treat your oiliness.

L’Oréal Paris Infallible Matte

Don’t like the white packaging and color of the tiny primer not scare you. This is one of the best ones on this list and is universally wearable due to the translucent shade. The product comes with the goodness of citric acid and silicone polymers to make your skin shine all through the day. The product gives you a flawless base and doesn’t make the foundation look cakey. Make sure you cater to the problematic areas for oil like nose, chin, and forehead.

Fenty Beauty – Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer

How can we miss out on the trending cosmetic brand by Rihanna? The Good Girl Gone Bad surely knows the difference between good skin and bad skin and ways to fix the bad. It is a skin-perfecting primer that gives you all that you expect. It mattifies the face till the time you want to wash it off. However, it still looks silky, nourishing, and doesn’t dry up at any time.

Maybelline New York Master Blur Stick

The primer looks like a translucent stick but makes your face look like an Insta filter for real! It camouflages the fine lines, pores, and uneven tone. It blocks any type of oil and it will keep you going. If you don’t want to apply makeup on a certain day, you can use this as a foundation to hide your skin conditions.

Urban Decay De-Slick Complexion Primer

The clear beige primer applied right below your makeup will not only absorb all the oil but also smoothen the pores. The product has a unique feature that helps you do your 3 pm touch up quickly.

Tatcha The Silk Canvas Protective Primer

The product brings a creamy primer on the list that helps you prepare your skin completely. You can apply it on your lips and eyes, along with the rest of the face. It makes your skin have a powdery feel that absorbs oil and makes the skin smooth.

First Aid Beauty Hello FAB Pores Be Gone Matte Primer

With a mixture of oleanolic acid and nordihydroguaiaretic acid, the excess oil on your skin is toned down. The product also has the right amount of salicylic acid to minimize the presence of the pores. This is one of the best primers for oily skin as it works like a skincare product and also makeup.

Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional Face Primer

The balm-type texture of this primer makes it special and stand out on this list. It includes vitamin E and makes sure that the pores are blocked. It gives your skin a smooth canvas and preps it up for makeup.


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