Fall Decorations: 9 Ideas to Make Your Home Feel Cozy

Fall Decorations: 9 Ideas to Make Your Home Feel Cozy

Imagine sitting on the couch during the holidays with a cup of hot cider and being surrounded by bland decor.

It sounds terrifying, right? With the temperatures dropping, it’s time to cozy up the inside of your home with the best decorations. Being outside in the heat is over with so┬álet’s work on turning your home into an autumn masterpiece.

Luckily decorating can be as expensive or affordable as you need it to be. All it takes is a little bit of planning and a whole lot of creativity.

If you need help with your fall decorations, make sure you keep reading. We provide 9 ideas to get you started below.

1. Get Cozy

When you think fall, you probably think of cozy coats and an excuse to pull out your favorite sweater. Since you plan on being so cozy, make your house cozy too.

It’s one of the easiest fall decorating ideas because you don’t necessarily have to shop in the seasonal section to do it. Sometimes all it takes is evaluating what your house already has and deciding what it needs.

During the summer, you may not keep blankets out for much use. Fall is the perfect time to go shopping for fuzzy throw blankets to place on the couch or in your bedroom. You can even drape one over a comfortable chair.

If blankets aren’t your thing, try warmer colors in the throw pillows and rugs. You can even switch to using warmer colored dishware for dinner.

2. Buy Candles

Not only do candles come in all sorts of colors and decorated containers these days, but they also can make your home more cheerful in no time.

If you want candles for purely aesthetic, look into buying an orange, mustard yellow, or red colors. You can even buy white candles and place them on gold stands.

Aside from looking cute, candles can bring warmth through scent. Try a cinnamon scent or a pumpkin scent to bring more fall cheer. There’s nothing like sipping tea and breathing in the warm scent of a pumpkin spice cake on your couch.

Are you lost on where to even start with candles? Check out Fyrian candles.

3. Don’t Forget the Porch

Even though it may be too chilly to sit on your porch too much, give your porch a fall makeover for everyone passing by outside.

It’s as simple as throwing an autumn wreath on the door and some pumpkins by the front steps. Create a mix of small and large pumpkins to put together a styled look.

If you don’t feel like dropping the money to buy a wreath, there are plenty of DIY options online. You’ll just have to make a quick trip to your local craft store.

4. Don’t Forget Color

One of the most important things to remember in fall decorations is lots of warm colors. A great way to do this is through the use of fall foliage.

At your local craft store, search for fall garland or individual pieces to place in a vase. String a fall leaf garland piece around the edge of your mantel or your front door.

Gather harvest foliage pieces to put together in a clear vase or decorative bowl.

5. DIY Night

Lounging by the pool with a summer cocktail time is over. It’s now time to heat up some hot cocoa and craft fall decorations for your home.

One of the easiest ways to create a fall home is buying pumpkins, gold glitter, and white paint. Paint the pumpkins and create designs, like polka dots, with the glitter. Place the pumpkins in different arrangements around your home.

You can also grab string fairy lights and mason jars. Put the lights inside the mason jars to create small patches of light in your home.

6. Spice Up the Kitchen Table

Make your dining room and/or kitchen table a sight to see when guests come into your home.

Start with some new placements! Any sort of plaid or burlap is great for sprucing up the table.

In the middle of the table, create a centerpiece they won’t forget. Buy a large clear vase and fill a quarter of it with sand or dark-colored rocks. Then finish it off by sticking in large leaf branches.

You can even finish off the look white small white pumpkins or a few candles.

7. Switch to Wicker

You most likely use plenty of containers in your home for things like blankets, magazines, and books.

One of the easiest fall decorating ideas is replacing your typical containers with wicker baskets. The wicker adds a warm touch to any room, just in time for the cool weather.

The best fall piece is a large wicker basket with tons of fuzzy fall blankets!

8. Involve the Kids

Is the cold wind keeping you trapped inside with the kids? Break out the arts and crafts!

Have them complete leaf rubbings with leaves from your yard and crayons. They can even fingerpaint some fall trees for you on large white paper.

Once the art is complete and dry, frame it to place on your wall in the hallway. Guests will love looking at it when passing by.

9. Recycle the Fireplace

Have you always been lost on what to do with your non-working fireplace? Recycle your fireplace with decorations.

Place the wicker baskets you bought in the fireplace in a decorative arrangement. Add a throw pillow and a rug, and you’re set for a cozy night!

The non-working fireplace is also a great home for your pup.

Fall Decorations Made Easy

Choosing your fall decorations doesn’t have to be difficult. We made it a little easier for you with the tips above. Your home will be cozy in no time.

The first major step is hopping in your car for a small shopping trip. Pick up warm blankets, soft throw pillows, fall foliage, and decorative pumpkins. This will at least get you started in the right direction.

If you need more home or lifestyle tips, make sure you check out the other blog posts on our site.


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