Foods To Eat When You Are On The Keto Diet

keto diet food list keto diet food list

The keto diet has been eulogised by celebrities, probably more than any other form of diet. There was a phase when everyone out there was trying out this diet that had taken the world by storm. But, what exactly is this diet that had gotten the world in a frenzy? Did it involve a magic pill that miraculously helped shed those extra kilos? Or did it have some out-of-the-world formula that solved every weight and health problem? In this article, we shall try to find answers to these questions and look at the options you have when it comes to food.

Running Through The Basics- What Is The Keto Diet?


The main point of a keto diet is a super diet that involves a bizarre way of functioning. It might sound all esoteric when we first break it to you but, hang in there for some more time to find out what it is all about. So this is how the diet functions. It is a low-carb and high-fat diet where you completely starve your body off carbohydrates and live only on fats throughout your day. By now, apprehensions might have already made their way into your brain as you sit back questioning the utility of this diet. Living on fats and trying to shed weight are antithetical concepts. Are they not? But, biology would beg to differ. When you starve your body off carbohydrates and start consuming massive amounts of fatty foods, your body goes into the state of ketosis. It starts drawing all the energy it requires to function by using up all the fat that you have been ingesting. And this is how you reduce all that weight. It has a complicated way of working, but the logic seems spot on. Now, as much as the idea of the keto diet might sound alluring (you know, losing all the weight in much less time), it would do you good to remember that this diet is not for everyone. People with a high metabolism rate, the ones trying to gain weight or someone suffering from some malady, must avoid the diet by all means.

What Are Your Food Options While On The Diet?

We have discussed what the keto diet is and how it works in shedding those extra kilos that you have always been wanting to. Now we shall examine the options for the food you have, while you are following this strict health regime. We have made the entire thing sound so stringent that it might look like you have limited options when it comes to food. But, fret not. This is not even remotely the case. It is not the end of the world for you when you are on the diet. You just have to take the initiative to scour for the right items that your body shall permit you to ingest. Also, try to figure out which supplements work the best for you when you strictly follow the diet. Follow to find information regarding the same.


There is an entire platter of seafood you have that are keto-friendly, and that shall help you to follow the diet religiously. Salmon is known to be impregnated with the goodness of vitamin B and potassium, which are miracle workers when you are on the diet.


Vegetables That Are Low In Carbohydrates-

It might be a tad difficult to find greens that have no carbohydrates at all. However, if you begin with the ones that have a minimal amount of carbohydrates, it could work the same for you. The trick is to gradually segue your body into the no-carb state because it might start showing multiple abnormalities if you cut the supply of carbohydrates all at once.

Treat Your Body To Some Cheese-

The idea of a keto diet cannot get any better because you get to gorge on cheesy delights whenever you want. Since fat is the only source your body gets to draw its energy from, you could treat your body to delectable foods made out of cheese. So, ask yourself here. Is there anything better than this? With the option of cheese open for you, you can never have any dearth of food items.

Treat Your Body To Some Cheese


This article attempts to provide you with an insight into the kind of food you can have on your table when you are following the keto diet. But do not treat it as a comprehensive and holistic list since there are still several other options that your dietician or your nutritionist might suggest you follow. We shall now wrap the article with this final thought. Starting with the keto diet might be difficult because our bodies are too accustomed to carbs. The mere idea of ditching the junk can send shockwaves throughout our body. But, if you are patient enough, and if your health permits you to follow the diet, there can be nothing better than it.


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