Hotel Review: Westgate NYC

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When it comes to your New York City trip, you deserve comfort and convenience. Don’t settle for expensive hotels that overcharge without offering amenities and high-quality service. Likewise, don’t choose hotels that offer lower prices but none of the amenities and a poor location. When choosing your Midtown Manhattan hotel, you should have standards and you need a hotel that rises to each occasion. Fortunately, there are hotels for you.

Location Is Everything

Midtown Manhattan is a central part of Manhattan. Whether you are on vacation or business, there is no reason why you should have to plan your stay outside of the center of the action. Midtown Manhattan is where you want to be on your first time to New York or if you are a seasoned visitor. Manhattan has the glamor that New York is known for. To make it even better, the hotel is in close distance to skyscrapers, tourist areas and much more.

Westgate is a central location! When you want to be close to everything, while retaining privacy, then you need to pick the hotel that works best for you. Location matters when it comes to the hotel. New York is a vast city, you need to be as close as possible to the locations that you’d like to visit. In addition, finding an affordable, great location is not impossible.

Cleanliness Is Expected

Do dirty hotel room horror stories have you afraid of vacations or business trips? Don’t let dirty hotel rooms get you down. When you enter a room, you should have a breath of fresh air. It should smell pleasant, be easy to breathe in and free of allergens. You can count on this type of cleanliness.

You will not find dust accumulation, unwashed blankets or dirty bathtubs. Throughout your visit, the staff will take care of your room to ensure that you can have a stress free trip in a clean environment. You can ask for a house cleaning for home service every day. The staff ensures that you have clean bedding, fresh towels, and a dust-free, vacuumed floor.

Staff Is Reliable

Hotel staff works hard to ensure that your stay is as smooth as possible. These professionals know how to provide the best customer service, Westgate New York provides friendly staff that knows New York and the hotel well enough to help you with all of your questions. Don’t worry about rushed, impolite service. Instead, you can relax in a friendly environment where the staff listens to what you need. If you have questions, there are answers, but more importantly, if you have a grievance or a concern, the staff will listen to you and is attentive to your problems.

In addition to listening skills, the staff will address your problem. You shouldn’t be talking to a wall when you have a problem. Responsiveness counts and when it comes to staff reliability, you can breathe easy. Your entire trip will be that much better when you have a staff that is friendly, responsible and reliable.

Ratings Are Relevant

When you’re looking for a hotel, you need to pay extra attention to the ratings. Ratings do matter! Keep in mind that ratings have everything to do with what others have to say about the hotel. High rated hotels have clients to back up those ratings. If you need to choose a hotel, it’s better to choose a hotel with the best possible ratings for the price.

If you want proof of the ratings, GOOGLE HOTEL RATES (UPDATED) to find out the prices and ratings of the hotels. You should be able to stay in an affordable hotel without worrying about the rating being low. You deserve the best service possible and you won’t know it’s the best unless the ratings are fair.

High ratings, great location and reliable staff are only a few of the benefits that you receive when you choose the right hotel. There is no reason for you to suffer from poor service or a location that is far from your itinerary. No matter if you are on a business trip or visiting New York on vacation, the hotel choice matters. It can make the difference between a good or bad time.


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