Halloween Has Come to Azeroth!

halloween celebration ideas

If you’ve played World of Warcraft (WoW) for any period, you’re probably familiar with the holiday events where you can get a bunch of new and exciting goodies. It’s October, and that means we have the Halloween event, or ‘Hallow’s End‘ as it is called in-game. This event isn’t just about tying in with the Halloween holiday in the real world, but also has its own in-game lore. Hallow’s End is a holiday for the Foresaken, otherwise known as the Undead race, and is a day to celebrate the Undead breaking free from the Lich King’s reign. Despite it being a Foresaken holiday, Hallow’s End is celebrated across Azeroth, both in retail and in classic versions, by all races which may seem a little odd in terms of lore, but hey, who doesn’t like Halloween? Let’s have a look at what you can get during Hallow’s End what could help you making some  WoW gold for sale.

Trick or Treating

It wouldn’t be Halloween without Trick or Treating, right? Every hour you can visit an Inn Keeper and select ‘Trick or Treat’. If you get Tricked, you’ll get a costume that will transform you into a skeleton, frog, pirate, kitten, and more. You can’t remove the effect, but luckily it only lasts a few minutes. If you’re lucky you’ll get the treat bag, which contains helpful items. You can receive candy, which will function the same as food and water, restoring health and mana. You can also get a mask that will display the face of one of the game’s playable races. Lastly, you can receive the Hallowed Wand. This wand has 5 charges and allows you to apply a costume to one of your party members.

Pumpkin Bag

The Pumpkin bag is a 16 slot bag that can drop off any undead mob over level 50. What’s great is that you can get as many of these bags as you want. Storage is a valuable resource in Classic WoW and something you constantly have to manage. If you’re struggling to find or afford high slot bags, you should venture out into the world and get yourself some Pumpkin Bags. The only drawback to this bag is that it’s Bind-on-Pickup so you can’t sell it on the Auction House to make some much needed Classic WoW Gold for sale.

Bobbing Apples

In every Inn, you’ll see an apple bobbing basin. If you click on the basin, you’ll get five bobbing apples. These apples restore health and they also give you the “well-fed” buff, granting you increased stamina and spirit.


There are a bunch of Halloween quests for Horde and Alliance. One such quest is called “Hallow’s End Treats for Jesper” on Alliance side, and Hallow’s End Treats for Spoops” on Horde side. You can pick the quests up from the Cathedral at Stormwind, or the Valley of Honor in Orgrimmar. Completing the quests will give you a ton of Halloween pumpkin treats, but also increase your reputation with all of your faction’s major cities!

There are also Horde and Alliance PvP quests. Horde will find themselves raiding Southshore, and Alliance will go to Tirisfal Glades to kill one of the Wickerman guardians. These guardians protect the Wickerman NPC that kickstarts the Hallow’s End festival, and if Alliance players successfully kill one, they’ll be able to use its ashes to get a world buff.



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